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We’re proud of holding a stellar A rating by the Business Consumer Alliance. Strategically located in Florida, Primo Management Group is dedicated to helping you eliminate your timeshare.

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We right the wrongs of the timeshare industry.

The reason why we provide our timeshare elimination service is to help those who are unable to help themselves. We know that many people have been victims of unscrupulous tactics to persuade them to buy a timeshare. You were led to believe it was an investment, and all it’s become is a liability and source of frustration. It’s even become a source of worry that you will leave your timeshare to your family!

We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to find the most effective ways to cancel a timeshare specifically tailored to each client. We get you out of your timeshare obligation forever.

The timeshare industry continuously develops different ploys to convince consumers to get trapped into buying their product. One of the reasons for Primo Management Group, Inc.’s success is because we stay current with those developments, and beat them at their own game! The timeshare scammers are good —but we’re better.

Getting rid of a timeshare isn’t an easy process, and can be very hard to navigate. Sure, you could hire a timeshare attorney who would cost three times the amount, drag you through a painful process, and provide no guarantee.

Vigilance is our key to success.

The process of timeshare elimination is what we specialize in, and we make it simple. We’ll get you out of your timeshare burden. Guaranteed. That’s why Primo Management Group, Inc. has developed a reputation for being affordable, trustworthy and most importantly, efficient.

When our satisfied clients got to a point where they decided they wanted to make their timeshare go away–they gave us a call. You may be at that point right now. It would be our pleasure to help relieve you of the burden of your timeshare.

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Your information is 100% secure and encrypted. We will never sell or share your information with anyone.