I made the mistake of purchasing a vacation ownership in Mexico. After a night of no sleep I sent a message to Primo Management Group and was quickly contacted by Sheri Nine. She talked me through the process of cancelling my contract and even emailed me a sample letter of what I should write in order to terminate the contract.
Sheri helped me by reassuring me that there is a way out and time to accomplish it. She was friendly, helpful, and professional.
I’m my opinion she went above and beyond and made a huge difference in helping me feel better about my ability to get the purchase cancelled. I was able to sleep that night knowing that I had the coaching and resources necessary to accomplish the process of terminating the contract.
After following her recommendations I was out of my contract with a confirmation letter in hand within 12 days of our initial conversation. Thank you Sheri and PMG. Jed Robbins.

June 10, 2022
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