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As Leading Timeshare Cancellation Service providers we can help with a wide range of services backed by our:

Experience & Success

We pride ourselves on open, honest, and frequent communication with our clients. We're here to help you every step of the way and end the nightmare of an unwanted timeshare. We're the Timeshare Exit Specialists.

Comprehensive & Customized Solutions

As leading Timeshare Exit Specialists, we know how stressful timeshare contracts can be. What once sounded like a dream resort package turned into a nightmare. When you don't know where to turn, look to PMG to relieve you.

Our Mission to Our Clients

The Primo difference is all about service. Our timeshare elimination consultants have one mission: To serve our clients and bring the peace of mind that comes from relieving their timeshare obligation.

Recognized by FORBES as an industry leader in customer services
We have been recognized by Forbes as an Industry Leader in Customer Service:

Primo Management Group timeshare cancellation service providers has proudly been recognized as an industry leader in customer service by Forbes. Click Here to learn more. 

Timeshare Cancellation
by Primo Management Group

Timeshare Relief for Everyone:

Whether you have a mortgage or own your timeshare outright, we can help you exit your timeshare contract hassle-free.

Credit Protection Services:

In select cases, we offer credit protection to safeguard your financial standing during the timeshare relief process.

No Money Out of Pocket:

Our program features a no-money-down option, making relief from a timeshare agreement accessible and stress-free.
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Say Goodbye to Your Timeshare. Forever.

We'll right the wrongs of the timeshare industry.

Primo Management Group is a leading Timeshare EXIT company that specializes in helping individuals and families get out of their timeshare contracts. Our company offers a comprehensive and customized solution for timeshare owners who are looking for a way out of their timeshare commitments.

PMG understands the complexity of the timeshare industry and provides a straightforward approach to cancel a timeshare contract the right way. With our knowledgeable team of experts, PMG can help timeshare owners understand their rights and create a plan to eliminate their timeshare obligations.

PMG utilizes an experienced team of attorneys, consultants, and negotiators to create an effective strategy tailored to each timeshare owner’s individual situation.

Our team of timeshare cancellation specialists work together to identify the best solution for timeshare owners looking to exit their timeshare agreement. We provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions about your specific situation regarding your timeshare.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective solution to their timeshare problems. PMG also offers a variety of other services, including timeshare exit strategies, legal representation, and debt elimination.

In addition to providing timeshare exit services, PMG also educates their clients on their rights as timeshare owners. The company provides resources and information to help timeshare owners make informed decisions. Get A Free Consultation With Our Timeshare Experts


The timeshare industry has spent a tremendous amount of time and money to delay, confuse and deter you from canceling your timeshare contract. At PMG our team of timeshare elimination experts act as your consumer advocate and will work tirelessly to free you from your timeshare contract, mortgage, and maintenance fee bill.

Don't let your timeshare burden continue to weigh you down.

Our Timeshare Cancellation Specialists Are Here for You!

Do not waste another minute… Give us a call and allow our team of timeshare cancellation specialists help you eliminate your timeshare quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

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