My husband and I had a time share that we no longer wanted, we tried to get the company to take it back, but they weren’t willing. We didn’t owe anything on the time share, it was paid off and the company wouldn’t have lost anything on the initial purchase. We knew that we needed help to get out of it.
I saw reviews for Primo Management Group, Inc, and we contacted them. The agent we spoke to advised of the cost for this service and we agreed. He further explained to us that this process could take quite some time, but in most instances they were successful in getting clients out of these contracts. He emphasized that it could be lengthy and that we needed to send all communications from the time share company to PMG and we agreed to all the stipulations.
This process took from October 22, 2018 to August 5, 2022.
We knew it was going to take awhile and beyond pleased with the outcome!!!
Thank you Primo Management Group, Inc.


January 6 2023
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