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Timeshare Problems to Watch Out For

timeshare problems

May 20, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

timeshare problems

What timeshare problems do you need to watch out for this year?

Timeshare problems have serious consequences. Here are some to watch out for and what to do about them.

Overzealous Sales Reps

Overzealous sales reps are common in the timeshare industry. Like any person working on commission, timeshare sales reps are often highly motivated to close the sale. So they employ all kinds of high-pressure sales tactics. First, they offer inviting incentives to get you to sit through their presentation. Of course, they don’t tell you that the value of these free gifts is much less than the average cost of a timeshare, which is currently over $20,000. And the cost of the gift is probably included in the timeshare purchase price.

During the presentation, they may make false or misleading statements to ensure the sale. In particular, watch out for misrepresentations of the unit or the ease of the reservation system. They may also tell you the price is a limited time offer. But remember, they’ve been saying that forever, so take those comments with a grain of salt. Some consumers even report that sales reps wouldn’t let them leave the presentation without buying a timeshare. If you attend a sales presentation, you may end up with buyer’s remorse. Our best advice for dealing with this is to skip the sales presentation and use your time to enjoy this vacation.

Rising Maintenance Fees

Rising maintenance fees are almost synonymous with timeshares. Every timeshare owner pays them and they tend to increase over time. Maintenance fees cover the basic operating expenses of the resort such as routine maintenance, housekeeping, and repairs. Rising fees can become a serious issue in several ways. First, fees may rise very quickly. And when this happens, the cost becomes difficult to afford. You may find yourself falling behind on payments and facing late fees, credit damage, or even foreclosure.

Even if you can afford the fees, you may find that the value you get from your timeshare is less than what you’re paying. For example, in some cases, you could rent the same unit for less than the annual maintenance fee. So there’s no value in owning. And in fact, you’re being penalized and actually paying more than a non-owner. In other cases, the timeshare experience itself isn’t worth what you’re paying. The resort may fall into disrepair or lack key amenities. Or you may be unable to use your points because of a lack of availability or overbooking. And sometimes you just can’t make it to your timeshare. But you still have to pay the fees.

Resale Scams

If you’re looking to sell your timeshare, you’re vulnerable to timeshare resale scams. It’s difficult if not impossible to sell timeshares, even at very low prices. So these insidious resale schemes are able to defraud owners of thousands of dollars every year. Here’s how it works. A company identifies you as an unhappy timeshare owner and contacts you with the answer to your prayers. They have a buyer for your timeshare! Of course, they require upfront fees to ensure the sale. They’ll often ask you to wire money or to pay in gift cards or other untraceable ways. But after you’ve paid, you find out there was never a buyer. So you’re out your money and you still own your timeshare.

Our Solution to Your Timeshare Problems

If you’re facing these or other timeshare problems, timeshare exit may be your solution. We help consumers cancel their timeshares safely, ethically and forever. No more maintenance fees. No more scams. Guaranteed. Contact us today to see how we can help you solve your timeshare problems.

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