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Top Travel Gifts for Under $35

Top Travel Gifts

November 14, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

Top Travel Gifts

Check out our top thrifty travel gifts for the jet-setter in your life!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. If you have a traveler on your list, you’ll be looking for special travel gifts just for them. Or maybe you’re looking for ideas to put on your own list. These are our favorite travel gifts, and for under $35, you can give one away and get one for yourself!

Packing Cubes

Packing can be tough and space is always at a premium. So, make it easier on the traveler in your life and save them from the tyranny of checked luggage. Give the gift of space this year with Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. These packing cubes help maximize every single millimeter of space in that carry-on. And they’re available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit everyone’s needs.

Leak-Proof Toiletry Storage

There’s nothing worse (from a packing perspective) than shampoo leaking all over your suitcase. Ironically, the hardest thing to clean up is soap. We like GoToob by Human Gear for functionality, reliability, and style. Their patented bottles are soft and squeezable and keep your soap where it belongs. Yeah, they’re a bit more expensive than the plastic ones from the dollar store, but since it’s a gift, go ahead and splurge.


With all the devices in modern life that need charging, outlets can be hard to come by. From crowded airports to cars and buses to tents in the wilderness, travelers often face a power deficit. So, give power this holiday season with a compact portable charger like this one. It’s easy to pop in a carry-on and charges iPhones and Androids alike. Or if your recipient travels abroad, check out this 4 in 1 adapter to help them plug in anything, anywhere.

Trtle Travel Pillow

Sleeping on a plane isn’t usually very comfortable. Even in first class, you may end up with a sore neck. And most travel pillows are bulky and not even very comfortable. Give your traveler a nap for the holidays with a compact pillow like the Trtl Travel Pillow. We like its compact size and soft fabric. But we also like that you won’t look like you have a banana around your neck.

SmartWool Socks

Socks get a bad rap for being a generic gift you give to people you hardly know. Your mom’s second cousin you got in the gift draw? Socks! But as travel gifts go, socks are top notch. First, when you’re flying in the US, you’ll be taking your shoes off. And no one wants to have dingy socks with toes peeking out. Instead, walk through TSA in style and keep your feet warm on the flight with SmartWool socks. The finest merino wool and sock technology will keep toes cozy.

What are your favorite travel gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image Source: Pixabay)


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