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Why You Should Be Angry About Your Timeshare

July 23, 2019 – by James Cox

Relax, don’t worry about it, it’s not worth getting angry, it doesn’t really matter. Actually, it does matter, you shouldn’t relax, you should worry, and you should absolutely get angry about your timeshare. These companies have basically lied to you in an attempt to get you locked into owning a property you do not own or even technically rent. Think about that for a minute. You are paying rent for someone else to use your property. Does that make any sense?

The idea of a timeshare is that you pay fees throughout the year and whenever your time to take the place comes you, you either use it for vacation or give it to someone else, hopefully in exchange for money that covers your fees throughout the year. But that never happens, for a few reasons, and you end up either going back to the same place every year or eating the costs. For most of us, eating the cost isn’t an option so for the eighth or eighteenth year in a row, we go to the same spot for vacation.

It’s Ok To Get Angry

You should be angry; you should be upset that your expenses for this property continue to go up and every year you are stuck with these costs. You should be upset that every year you find more and more ways that they lied to you just to get your signature on a contract you barely had time to review. You should also be angry that you have to put up with this deal for even more years to come and at the end of the day you do not even own the property so you will literally have nothing to show for it once your contract is done.

Now it’s time to get away from it. You need a vacation from your timeshare. You need to stop being angry and finally just take action and let these people know that you will not put up with it anymore. You have to make sure that do not get into the excuses or feel overwhelmed. This is a fight and you need help. The good news is that there is help out there to get you out of your timeshare and away from this expensive headache for good.

Primo Management Group will assist you in taking on the timeshare bullies, making sure that they do not force you to do something or pay something you do not want, without first having qualified and experienced representation on your sign. You will know the short and long-term options that are going to be available to you and how to exit your timeshare agreement as quickly as possible.

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