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Why Do People Hate Their Timeshares After A Few Years?

December 16, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

You’ve heard the talk about timeshares. Stay away, don’t do it, it’s not going to be a good deal for you, you will hate it. But why do so many people keep buying them? You know not to jump off of a roof because people told you not to do it when you were young. As an adult, plenty of people have told you not to buy a timeshare but people keep doing it. It doesn’t make sense and you really don’t know why so many people hate it. What makes a new owner or renter hate their decision so soon after making it?

Extra Costs

Once you sign the agreement the first few months seem to be exactly as you were promised. Then you notice a few bills in the mail that you were not expecting. Some timeshare companies, not all, throw in extra fees that you were not prepared to cover, especially if you signed this agreement in an effort to save money when you take a vacation.

Hard To Find Renters

One of the first questions people ask about when they look into getting a property is what are their options if they cannot or do not want to use it when it’s their turn? The company giving you the deal will tell you how easy it is to find a renter for the property so that you know only lose money, but you can even make money by renting out the unit. Rarely is it that easy.

Unhappy With Co-renters

Remember, you are paying for a place that is going to be used by other people and if the property isn’t well taken care of, that means you can take it over with serious issues. This is something that happens when rental property management companies simply do not care and allow renters to do whatever they want.

Increase In Fees

Along with hidden fees you have increased cost of your unit. This usually happens around your second or third year and the excuse you are given is that the cost of living, taxes, insurance and utilities have gone up in the area and the responsibility of covering those costs is now on you.

It’s pretty easy to see why so many people want to find a way out of their timeshare as quickly as possible. Some people hate the agreement a few months after they sign it while others hate it after a few years. If you have found yourself stuck in this deal and you are not happy with it, contact Primo Management Group today.


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