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Why Are Timeshares So Hard To Get Out Of?

January 7, 2020 – by Primo Management Group

If you know anyone who has a timeshare, they will tell you about how hard it is to get out of the agreement. There are several reasons why, but it starts at the top with their company. Remember, the company that sells you the timeshare usually isn’t the holding company or the company that owns the properties. This is done so that it limits any responsibility the main business has once you sign the agreement and so that it is more difficult to break the agreement later on. Remember when you signed the deal, how aggressive they were to get you in? That’s because they know that it’s very difficult to break out of the deal once you’ve signed and their focus then moves onto getting the next person on board.

Why else are you struggling to get out of this deal? Let’s start with the annoying fact that you have no ownership of the property. Technically, a renter has more rights to a property than you do. If someone wants to kick a renter out, they have to give them notice. Renters can break a lease and be removed from the property. You do not have this option because you are not living in the unit, you are only using it every once in a while. However, these companies try to make you feel as if you own part of the property which is not true. To make things even more fun, you have to cover the increase in costs on taxes, insurance and anything else.

Frustrated yet? How about this, you cannot get out of the timeshare agreement yourself. There is no DIY trick that will help you beat the company and get you free of this deal. That’s why you need an experienced team who understands the battle that you will be taking on and has fought against some of the biggest companies out there. Resorts may not seem like a major company but the main business that owns them is and that’s why you are really fighting. That’s why you need to have a big team on your side as well.


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