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The Timeshare Trap: 3 Reasons to Watch Out

The Timeshare Trap

November 23, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

The Timeshare Trap

Avoid the timeshare trap and live your best vacation life. Here’s why.

Every year, countless consumers are lured into the timeshare trap. They end up buying timeshares they don’t need, can’t afford, or can’t use. Or they stayed within their budget and desperately want to live that timeshare life but are unable to book time with their points. Here’s how it happens and how you can get out.

The Scenario

Picture this. You and your fiancée celebrate your engagement with a Hawaiian vacation. You rent a unit at one of Hawaii’s many resorts. It’s truly paradise. Romance, waterfalls and the best food you’ve ever eaten. Then on day four of your vacation, a sales rep approaches you with an offer: Hang out with him for 90 minutes and get a voucher for a meal worth $150. What a deal!

During the presentation, the sales rep shows you how you can invest in your future by purchasing a timeshare. Think of your life together! Think of sharing this experience with your future children every year. So, excited about the upcoming wedding and married life to follow, flush with great vacation vibes, you make an impulsive decision to “invest” in that future. You exit the presentation as timeshare owners. You’ve fallen into the timeshare trap. Here’s why what seems like a great idea in the sales presentation is, in fact, a scam.

In Perpetuity

A timeshare contract is a contract in perpetuity. That means forever. Forever is a beautiful idea when you’re looking forward to married life but it’s quite another when it comes to contracts. Signing a timeshare contract is your promise to pay maintenance fees forever. Even if you don’t get to use your timeshare. You may feel like that’s doable now, but what if circumstances change? Hint: circumstances always change. What if you or your spouse lose a job? What if you have a serious illness or injury that prevents you from using your timeshare? Anything can happen in a lifetime, or even in 20 years. Unfortunately, although you’ve promised to meet your end of the bargain forever, your resort really hasn’t. And we promise they won’t care if your circumstances change.

Difficulty Booking

It’s true that many timeshare resorts are very nice and located in beautiful locations. But what good is that if you don’t get to stay there? Unfortunately, many timeshare owners find themselves unable to book at the resorts of their choice. Some owners settle for sub-standard resorts. Others are unable to use their timeshare at all. Still, others end up paying additional fees for more points, premium weeks or locations, and other changes fees. Given that you’ve already paid for your timeshare, it seems like an insult to injury to charge you to use it!

Rising Maintenance Fees

Your timeshare rep may have mentioned maintenance fees. And they may have glossed over these perpetually rising fees explaining you’d probably be spending that much on vacations anyway. Which might be true. However, what if you can’t use your timeshare for a year, because of booking problems? Well, you must still pay those fees. That’s a lot to pay for a vacation you didn’t even take. And after you’ve paid those fees, which currently average about $1000 per year, you might not have enough left for another vacation. Try explaining that to your kiddos.

So, what do you do if you’re caught in the timeshare trap? Consider a timeshare cancellation partner like Primo Management Group to help you get out of your timeshare contract safely, ethically and forever. You aren’t stuck in this trap forever. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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