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Got A Timeshare Problem? You’re Not Alone

timeshare problem

February 8, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

timeshare problem

If you have a timeshare problem, we can help!

Looking for someone to help you with a timeshare problem? You’ve come to the right place. As consumer advocates, we’ve seen it all. Let’s look at some common timeshare problems and possible solutions.

Timeshare Problem #1: I can’t make my timeshare loan payments

With the average costs of timeshares topping $20,000, many owners finance the initial cost of the timeshare. And from time to time, owners have trouble making their payments. First, contact your loan holder and try to work with them. Possible options include refinancing or taking out additional loans. However, if you can’t work things out, you may face damage to your credit score and eventually foreclosure.

Timeshare Problem #2: My maintenance fees increased a lot

Like everything, maintenance fees go up over time. If you’re lucky, they increase slowly and at the same rate as your income. Unfortunately, sometimes they increase a lot and quickly. And even more unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it this year. Your timeshare Homeowners Association sets your fees and timeshare companies control many HOAs. However, owners do have a voice in some HOAs. If yours does, get involved and see if you can influence future fees.

Timeshare Problem #3: I can’t afford my special assessment

Special assessments can be very unwelcome surprises. Like maintenance fees, special assessments are set by the HOA and like maintenance fees, you are required to pay them. While you can plan for maintenance fees, special assessments are not predictable. If you can’t pay, contact your timeshare company immediately. They may be willing to work with you on a payment schedule. However, you will probably lose access to your timeshare until you can pay.

Timeshare Problem #4: I have new health issues and can no longer travel to my resort

If your timeshare company offers exchange programs, you may be able to access a different more appropriate resort. Many companies offer a range of resort types and locations. Something closer to home or someplace with more accessible amenities might be available to you. You will probably pay a fee to be eligible for using the exchange as well as a fee to make the exchange. You may also have to upgrade your plan or purchase additional points if you’re exchanging for a premium resort or interval.

Timeshare Problem #5: My kids are past the princess phase

Timeshare contracts last a long time—a lifetime in some cases. It’s only natural that your family’s tastes will change. And if your timeshare caters to a specific niche or activity, you may grow out of it. You have a couple of options if you own a timeshare you don’t want to go to anymore. First, if you have access to an exchange program, you may be able to go to a more appropriate resort. As we already mentioned, exchanges will charge additional costs. Or, you might be able to rent out your timeshare to someone else. While you’ll remain the owner and continue to pay maintenance fees, you may be able to make back enough money to vacation elsewhere.

Timeshare Solution

If you’re unable to solve your timeshare problem, it may be time to consider timeshare cancellation. We’re a consumer advocate company helping people like you get out of their unwanted timeshare safely, legally and forever. We’d be happy to talk to you about what we can do for your. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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Relieve Yourself of the Unwanted Timeshare Burden

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Relieve Yourself of the Unwanted Timeshare Burden

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

How does PMG get me out of my timeshare contract?

PMG is not a resale, transfer, or donation company. We are consumer advocates—we help to negotiate the release of your timeshare contract obligation. We do not buy, sell, or rent your timeshare. Simply put, we help you to get out of your timeshare contract forever.

How long does the process usually take?

Usually less than 12 months, but it all depends on your situation. Let us help you. Speak to your advisor about the time, and what delays the resorts have put into place to prevent timeshare owners from departing their ownership. If you have a mortgage or past due maintenance fee, the process takes more time.

How much is my timeshare worth?

This is probably going to hurt, but whether you paid $5,000 or $50,000 for your timeshare, the IRS values all timeshares as worthless investments. In addition, that timeshare would have negative value due to the annual maintenance fee bill which compounds year after year. That is until PMG helps you cancel your timeshare.

Can I use your service if I still have a balance owed on my mortgage?

Yes. Whether you bought your timeshare 20 days ago or 20 years ago, PMG has a solution for you and is here to help.

Will my name be off the timeshare?

Yes! Permanently! GUARANTEED!

In addition to getting me out of my timeshare, can you recover the money I’ve already spent on mortgage payments and maintenance fees?

While we are able to recover money in rare cases, beware of any timeshare cancellation company that entices you with the promise of fund recovery. The truth is, the resorts are loath to give back the money they’ve already taken for timeshares.

Are your consumer advocates really “consumer advocates”, or is that just a fancy word for salesperson?

Because most of our clients have had their trust betrayed by timeshare salespeople, we understand how some consumers can become a bit jaded. When you call us for a consultation, that’s exactly what you get, a consultation. At PMG, our job is not to sell you; our job is to help you get out of your timeshare. Which is why we have numerous 5-star reviews and an “A” (excellent) rating from the BCA.

Why should I choose PMG to get me out of my timeshare?

We go above and beyond for our customers by helping to protect you, and have the best success rate in the industry, rated 5-stars by clients. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best customer service in the industry. When you contact our company, you speak to a live person, not an automated system or voicemail. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, and we can provide documented proof of our success in helping customers just like you.

What happens after I sign up with you? Will I be apprised of your progress?

At PMG, we pride ourselves on our hands-on, boutique-style customer service, so every new client will work with our expert, experienced team whose job is to keep you in the loop throughout the entire cancellation process. We are always just a phone call away.

How much is your fee?

Not all timeshare experiences are created equal. Some are more complicated than others, and every situation is different. That’s why our trained timeshare elimination consultants will ask you a series of questions designed to determine exactly what needs to be done to terminate your timeshare, how long it will take, and how they can best advocate for you. We will always seek the most cost-effective route for you.

What if I still have more questions?

Canceling a timeshare contract is not a cookie cutter process. With each situation being unique, once you complete the form below an experienced consumer advocate will call you today to discuss your options.