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Are Timeshares and Kids a Good Match?

Timeshares and kids

January 7, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Timeshares and kids

The timeshare industry will tell you that timeshares and kids are a perfect match, but what’s the truth?

A lot of parents have visions of a lifetime of ideal family vacations. And timeshare may seem to offer that. Yes, kids and vacations go together well, but are timeshares and kids a good match? Many families find out too late after spending thousands of dollars. Here’s what you need to consider about timeshares and kids before you buy.

Growing Families

When considering timeshares and kids, you’re looking at the long game. After all, both are forever. If you’re looking at a deeded timeshare, then you’ll be staying in the same unit each year. And although it may just be you and your spouse now, you’ll be adding to the mix. The unit you choose should be appropriately sized for a flexible number of people. And if you’re at the beginning of your parenting journey, your unit will need to accommodate all life stages from toddlers to teenagers and beyond.

Do They Travel Well

Traveling with kids is always a challenge—even if you manage to pack enough snacks and distractions. So, if you’re considering a timeshare, you’re signing yourself up for traveling with kids no matter what. Even when they’re babies. And if one year, you just can make it with your newborn twins, or if you or your spouse in pregnant, flying may not be an option. Additionally, your child may have special needs that make travel even more complex.

Changing Interests

It may be a cliche, but kids really do grow up so fast. And as they grown and change, so will their interests. Unfortunately, your timeshare doesn’t change as quickly. The cartoon characters that captivate them today may be old news tomorrow. If your timeshare caters to specific interests, your family vacations may become less relevant over time. Any timeshare you choose should offer a variety of activities, so you and your kids don’t get bored. Of course, no amount of variety can make your teenager want to go on vacation with you!


Once your kids hit school age, you will have a school schedule to consider when you plan your vacations. And of course, their time off will change from year to year and school to school. This can make fixed-week timeshares tricky. On the other hand, if you choose a more flexible timeshare, you’ll find those holiday and spring break weeks much harder to come by. And if you can even book them at all, they’ll cost you more points than less sought-after weeks. Timeshares and school schedules aren’t always a good fit.


While this issue is hopefully far in the future, no conversation about timeshares and kids would be complete without a discussion of what happens to your timeshare when you pass away. If your kids love your timeshare and want to keep it, no worries. They can just inherit it. However, what if they don’t want your timeshare? Then you need to make sure they don’t inherit it. In that case, make sure their names are not on the deed. If they are, the timeshare will become their problem after you’re gone. It makes sense to double-check this since resorts will often offer to put names on the deed as a “convenience.” For more about timeshares and inheritance, click here.

One thing all these issues have in common is a central complaint about timeshare: they lack flexibility. Even the most flexible points-based programs have constraints. And parenting is unpredictable, to say the least. Considering all the unknowns a lifetime of parenting holds, timeshares and kids are a gamble. If you’re learning this lesson too late and own a timeshare that no longer serves your family, it may be time to consider timeshare cancellation. Contact us today for a free, no-risk consultation to find out how we can help you exit your timeshare and focus on your family.

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