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Timeshare Exit Success: You Can Do It!

How To Dispose Of Timeshare Legally

April 10, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

How To Dispose Of Timeshare Legally

You can get out of your timeshare and experience timeshare exit success!

We work with so many timeshare owners who’ve given up hope of ever getting out. They’ve tried everything and they’re still stuck in their unwanted timeshare. But timeshare exit success is a thing and it can be part of your life.

Timeshare Burdens Explained

Buyer’s Remorse

We know it looked bright at shiny at the sales presentation. Everyone was buying one. There was champagne, and a coupon for a free rental car. So you bought a timeshare. But when you got home, you realized that not only did you not need a timeshare, but you didn’t even really want it.

Bait & Switch

Some timeshares aren’t what they were made out to be. Sales reps are looking to make their sale. And some will say anything to make tat sale happen. That includes making false claims or not telling you the whole truth. Although it’s illegal to misrepresent the facts in most states, it still happens all the times.

Fees, Fees & More Fees

Or maybe you hate the endless cycle of timeshare fees. And with good reason. Annual maintenance fees go up year over year. Even if they’re manageable when you buy into your timeshare, who knows what they’ll be in 20 years? But it’s not just maintenance fees. Timeshare ownership usually comes with a full suite of fees. And those can add up and up until you can’t take it anymore.

Life Moves On

And sometimes, life just moves on. That timeshare that once sparked so much joy now feels like an obligation. Maybe you’re bored of the beach or maybe your kids are bored of cartoon characters. Or maybe you just don’t use your timeshare anymore.

How To Get Out of Your Timeshare

So, once you decide it’s time to get out of your timeshare, how do you do it? Unfortunately, timeshares come with complicated, long-term binding contracts. So, timeshare exit success means extricating yourself from that contract.

The easiest way out is to cancel your contract during the short rescission period right after the contract is signed. Of course, that only works on brand new timeshares. Other people try to sell their timeshares. Unfortunately, the resale market is very competitive. And that means it can be very challenging to find a buyer at any price.

Finally, people choose to try to get released from their contract. Some attempt to work directly with the resort. And if the resort decides to work with you, great. If they don’t, however, things get tricky. You can work with a lawyer to get out. But you may end up paying high legal fees with no guarantee of success. Finally, you can hire a private exit firm to help. However, not all of these firms deliver on their promises.

How To Ensure Timeshare Exit Success

So, is there any way to guarantee timeshare exit success? Yes! You can choose to work with Primo Management Group. We are a team of consumer advocates whose only job is to help you get out of your timeshare. So that means we have lots of experience working with timeshare resorts. And we deliver results. We have top reviews from our many clients. And we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you want timeshare exit success, contact us for a free, no-risk consultation. We’ll explain the whole process to you and you can ask as many questions as you want. Why wait any longer?

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