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4 Common Travel Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

4 common travel mistakes

You can avoid common travel mistakes with a little planning. Here’s how.

Great vacations are the stuff of dreams, but dreams can turn into nightmares when you’re far from home. And when things go wrong on vacation, it can be epic. Read on for ways to avoid some common travel mistakes.

Falling For a Timeshare Presentation

We hear about these travel mistakes over and over. You agreed to sit through a timeshare presentation because you wanted the travel coupon or the free dinner. However, timeshare sales reps are very good at their jobs. So, when the 90-minute presentation dragged on, you signed on all the dotted lines and walked out of the room the owner of a timeshare.

The easiest way to avoid getting scammed by a timeshare presentation is not to attend one. Spend your precious vacation time seeing the sights, sipping drinks by the pool and enjoying your family. Don’t hang out with sales people just trying to make a buck.

“But the ‘free gift’ is really amazing,” you say? Go in with your eyes open and ready to say no. Don’t sign anything. And if you do sign, know your rights. Most states have a rescission period during which you can cancel your timeshare for any reason with a letter. If you missed the rescission period, there’s still hope. Contact Primo to see how we can help you undo this costly travel mistake.

Not Notifying the Bank of Upcoming Travel

Credit card theft is a serious problem these days, so many banks have ways to detect fraud on your account. This is usually a good thing. You know those calls you get when suspicious activity is detected? That’s your bank looking out for you.

However, these sophisticated fraud alerts can mistake your legitimate activity for fraud. For example, if your activity always takes place in California and your account suddenly has activity in Bali or the Bahamas, your card may be flagged and locked. When this happens, you are left without money just when you need it the most.

Take steps to prevent this sad reality from happening to you. Instead, notify your bank in advance about your upcoming travel. Then when you try to withdraw cash in Cairo, you’ll be successful. You can spend your time sightseeing instead of on the phone with your bank.

Not Checking Your Cell Phone Plan

Just because you have amazing service at home doesn’t mean you’ll have it on the road. If you have service at all, you may be subject to massive roaming charges or other fees. Don’t get stuck paying too much. Doing a little research before you travel can save you thousands on this costly travel mistake.

Start by calling your provider for information on what your plan includes. Your plan may cover everything you need for your destination. If your plan doesn’t cover international travel, you have a few options. You can go without, but make sure to turn off your cellular data so that your clever phone won’t access the local (and very expensive network). Then you can rely on Wi-fi for what you need.

If Wi-fi alone won’t cut it, consider an international plan. Your provider can advise you on pricing options depending on the location and length of your stay. Whatever you choose, just make sure you know what you’re getting into. No one wants to come home to a massive cell phone bill after a wonderful trip.


We’ve all done it. Crammed our bags full of every possible outfit and supply for every possible what-if that might happen on our vacation. Then we find ourselves lugging our heavy, ridiculous bags through airports and into hotels. Or we can’t find anything because we’ve brought everything. Or…our trunk is so full it takes a puzzle master to pack it. 

This common travel mistake is easily avoided by packing light and packing smart. While it’s true that you don’t want to be stuck without your medication or the right hiking shoes, you don’t need the perfect top for every weather situation either. And unless you’re truly traveling to the middle of nowhere, you can probably buy a replacement for any forgotten item.

That’s all well and good but how do you know what’s necessary? Smart travelers plan in advance and use lists to guide them to packing perfection. Find some great packing tips and lists for truly compact luggage here. Or check out Travel + Leisure Editors’ suggestions for all kinds of travel here.

At Primo Management Group, we deal with travelers every day. Although we can’t fix all travel mistakes, we can help you if you made a mistake buying a timeshare. Contact us for a FREE consultation to see what we can do for you.

(Image Source: Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash)

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