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Let Us Earn Your Trust

A business builds trust by doing things the right way. Every time.

With trust comes positive reviews. When you’ve fought for hundreds of people who have been pressured and scammed into a timeshare purchase—and gotten them out of that timeshare contract—you earn that trust.

Here are some of our REAL 5-star reviews which have helped us earn an “A” - Excellent - rating from the Business Consumer Alliance:

Great company to release you from your timeshare. They follow up with you on a monthly basis and are professional. I highly recommend Primo Management Group. They were able to help me within a few short months. Extremely satisfied.

ruben garcia Avatar
ruben garcia

I cannot tell you how impressed we were with Primo Management Group.

We were reluctant to get into a company that does not keep its promises and just takes your money. Primo got us out of our time share in 3-4

months and was very courteous and professional. We could not be happier

and recommend that you use Primo.

Steven Wittner Avatar
Steven Wittner

We have spent money on various time share resale / listing companies with zero success. Somehow by accident (God"s leading) while debating on whether to send another company payment for working on resale of our property, we ran across the Primo Management Group site. Called them, and right from the start there was something different. They began by saying,even if we did not hire them to assist in releasing us of our timeshare property, here are some things to look for in a company that would have success in releasing us from our timeshare.After deciding to use Primo Management Group, It took about 1 1/2 years, but HALLELUJAH, they did what we hired them for and we are released from our timeshare. What a wonderful feeling. We would positively recommend Primo Management group.

Clyde Christiansen Avatar
Clyde Christiansen

I did a search on line and found this company that offered free advice for my situation. My representative that helped me was so caring and understood my timeshare need for resolving my issues. I would highly recommend these folks 100% to do what they advertise on their website.


Kathleen Budjinski Avatar
Kathleen Budjinski

I called trying to get information on getting out of a timeshare. I couldn't even remember the name of it at first. It was a convoluted situation. Christina was patient with me and went over all the information. I finally found out the name when I checked my credit report. Unfortunately since it has already gone to collections your company is not able to help. At least I know I've done all I can to legitimately get out of the contract. Thanks for your help and excellent information. I was not asked to pay for any of this, so I got good info at no cost.

Beth Vawter Avatar
Beth Vawter

Primo Management Group is the absolute best and the most legit. They have stayed true to their word, they constantly contact me to give me an update about my status. They are so friendly and always available to speak when I needed.

Kimber Oborn Avatar
Kimber Oborn

Lynda was very helpful in helping me to understand fully my situation from my timeshare purchase. Even though I was in the early stages and I still had time to send a letter of cancellation she helped me to be aware of potential pitfalls and reassured me that if for any reason I continued to have difficulty with the process of discontinuing my ownership they will be there to help. This was all done with no request for any compensation. If I find that I still need the services Of getting out of my timeshare I will definitely give Lynda and Primo a call I would recommend anyone having difficulties with their timeshare the same advice. Chuck

Chuck Odiorne Avatar
Chuck Odiorne

This is a very respectable company who values your time and understands the frustrations that go along with timeshares and cancellations. They update you every month and even help you if your credit is negatively impacted. I was skeptical with the companies I researched, especially because I could not sit down and meet with anyone personally. In the end, I am so glad I went with PMG because they were very helpful and responded to every phone call and e-mail very quickly. We got out of our timeshare in less than 6 months!

Stormy Hayes Avatar
Stormy Hayes

Thank you to the staff: Sherri, Miriam and all!! Our experience was worth it! We were not sure completely but knew we were wanting to exit the timeshare business and it could not have gone better! I know the timeline for it varies with each case but we appreciated the communication and forethought to prepare us along the way. We cannot say enough, THANK YOU! God bless for continued success!

Michael & Kelli Buchanan Avatar
Michael & Kelli Buchanan

We received The best customer service from them. Really appreciated their Timely communication through phone calls and emails. Christina Vicole was very helpful. It takes little time but Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get out of their timeshare agreement. Thank you so much PMG.!!!

nisha patel Avatar
nisha patel

Definitely worth it! Excellent service and attention! I am so happy I am FREE of the time share . You gotta trust them and know they will help you! :)

Vanessa Vargas Avatar
Vanessa Vargas

We were very worried initially to signup. We knew there were many scams out there. There professionalism and careful explanation of their program won us over. They did not disappoint! They did everything they said they would and secured our timeshare exit in under 7 months! So happy we followed our gut and went with Primo!

Terri Newlin Avatar
Terri Newlin

Excellent service and experience from beginning to end. We had two timeshares and they were just bogging us down and the stress level was constantly rising. When my wife first mentioned that we should try to get out of the contract, I told her that it was impossible. as they have a strangle hold on its members.

Fortunately she didn't listen to me and did some research and came to me with Primo, I was still skeptical but I listened to the pitch and decided to give it a shot. Best decision, the folks at Primo were professional and guided us through the entire process. We finally got out from both timeshares and we couldn't have done it without Primo.

I would definitely recommend Primo,the professionalism and cost was on point. It was worth every penny that we invested.

Terry Avatar

After dealing with timeshares it was really hard to trust any company that stated they could get me out of my timeshare. I felt as if this nightmare was never going to end. Thanks to Primo Management I no longer have to worry about a timeshare. I can say I am truly thankful for everything that Primo Management and their great staff.

Jazmine Bolden Avatar
Jazmine Bolden

Primo Management Group kept me inform from start to finish of what was going on with my timeshare exit from Wyndham. I started the process in August and received my exit letter from Wyndham in April the next year. Honestly, I was nervous about the company, as I was scammed by 2 companies in the past, but they stuck to their word and reassured me everything was good. So I would recommend this company to others trying to get out of a timeshare. Now we are finalizing the credit clean up and that should be the final step.

Stephen DaReal-Ike Avatar
Stephen DaReal-Ike

I am satisfied with the service I received , The staff are dedicated to help with the difficulty of cases. They answer my question and give me advice.i would recommend their service. Thank you Primo for your support. Please read your contact information before signing.

Latoya Kerr Avatar
Latoya Kerr

Primo Management Group was able to get me released from my timeshare. Great company to work with. This is a process, so be patient. Tried working with another company and all they did was take my funds. Great to be FREE.

Anthony Bryant Avatar
Anthony Bryant

I am extremely satisfied with how Primo handled our exit from our timeshare.

I have to say I researched for several days before I decided to go with this company.

The thing that impressed me the most was the time Amanda spent with me so I could make an informed decision. I will tell you his everyone’s situation is different my husband and I had a tough contract. Primo updated us every month. When we started this journey we were told it could take 1 year to be completely rid of this. Well as I sit here today 7 months later I can say we are TIMESHARE FREE!!!!

I would highly recommend this company for your exit. In case your wondering the timeshare was Diamond Resorts

Thank You Primo

Susan Hart Avatar
Susan Hart

I spoke with Bryce for about 3 hours. He was very helpful and answered all my questions and was very patience with me as my computer is slow. He even helped out by calling the Resort and finding out what my payments where. He took that time to make sure that I understand everything. I would recommend this company for any and all that is needed to get started on getting out of a timeshare deal.

It took more then 6 months to get mine taken care of but that was due to my family having a death. They worked with me around that and were very patience with me. They kept me posted about my case by calling and emailing me monthly and sometimes even more. They were also very quick to get back to me via email. In most cases in about 1 hour or less.

sarah klumpp Avatar
sarah klumpp

Contacted Primo Management with much skepticism. Feeling scammed into my timeshare, I didn't want to go through that experience again. Working with Primo quickly put me at ease. From the initial no-hassle phone call, to the monthly check-ins and advice on working with the timeshare company...we were definitely feeling like the right choice was made. While the process took a little longer than expected (about 18 months), it was never due to Primo. It was the lack of response from our timeshare company. Primo kept us on point and here we are 18 months later with no obligation to the timeshare company. What a relief!! Thank you Primo and the team for getting us to our goal!

Rich Linder Avatar
Rich Linder

great company, took a little longer than initially stated to wrap up my timeshare with the timeshare company but everything was handled like they said it would be. they were so good that they eliminated a secondary timeshare with the same company. i would definitely recommend their services.

Isa Al-Amin Avatar
Isa Al-Amin

I have been locked down with this timeshare for several years and realized that every year I have to pay almost over 12000 a year on just tax and and maintenance and loan . I am so happy that today it is finally over with the help of Primo Management. They are professional, and delivered the promise they made and I am now free of debt. It is real and I am happy to be a reference any time for this company.

elisa lai Avatar
elisa lai

I called Primo after we got sucked in a Bluegreen contract and realized that many things they said were not true. Everyone at Primo was on top of things, following through promptly on any questions or submissions to agencies where needed. As long as you sen them what they need, they get the job done quickly. I think Bluegreen just goes ahead and closes the account when Primo contacts them because of their professionalism. I would recommend Primo to anyone that needs to get out a timeshare contract. Their fee is not cheap but compared to continuing to pay a mortgage or fees forever, it is well worth it.

Michelle Caballero Avatar
Michelle Caballero

I have to give Kudos to Primo Management Group. From the beginning of the phone call they were very helpful to me. They went above and beyond to try to explain everything to me. I have to say after being Lied to by the Timeshare Company these people have eased my Stress Level by easing all my Worries of getting out of my Contract. Big Thanks going out to Sean Chesser for his Patience and Dedication. He took close to 2 hours with me.

Michele Twyman Avatar
Michele Twyman

I have to say it was of the most satisfying services that I have received in a long time. Even when the process was long it was worth every single penny. Not having to pay the scam that is Timeshares is satisfying enough. Thank you very much!

Ángel Felipe Delgado Márquez Avatar
Ángel Felipe Delgado Márquez

Hassel free solution to eliminating your time share! Yes, you pay money upfront but it is well worth it and 100% safe. From start to finish it took 6 months. So relieved to know that there is a way out of owning a timeshare.

Denise R Avatar
Denise R

My experience has been straightforward from the get go. Everything that I was told form the beginning happened. I was always contacted monthly with a status update via phone or email and I was always able to get my questions answered and they walked me through everything with ease. I am finally free of my timeshare and that weight has been lifted. I am very thankful for their service.

Adrian Gaskin Avatar
Adrian Gaskin

Clay Lewis is the best me and my wife made a Bad decision to get in to a time share and we we’re still in the recession period when reality sank in and so we called him and he talked us through what we needed to do to get it took care of if you are in the same situation I recommend Clay Lewis

Reyes Medina Avatar
Reyes Medina

I love the service from this firm.kept intouch with me on a regular.I never had to call to see what was going on.I would recommend there service to anyone that feel they were bullied by timeshare scams

Anthony Owens Avatar
Anthony Owens

We had spoken with Primo in December and they did a follow-up call with us today and the professionalism, experienced manner and confidence in which they spoke with us about the process in which they could dispose of our timeshare, we are pleased to sign a contract to dispose of this contract. We look forward to working with them to facilitate this evolution.

Robert Thompson Avatar
Robert Thompson

Marcus Gonzalez was incredibly helpful in advising us on writing a rescission letter to Wyndham to cancel our timeshare. Thank you for your advice and time!

Chelsea Howells Avatar
Chelsea Howells

Primo Management Group is a great company to work with when trying to terminate a timeshare. Our first conversation consisted of someone from the company telling me all about them. Afterwords, I did my on research and found the company to be respectable. PMG updated us monthly on their progress plus we called with any questions we had and received satisfactory answers. We recommend PMG to anyone wanting to rid themselves of tyrannical timeshares.Dotti and Lamar Rogers

Dotti Bond-Rogers Avatar
Dotti Bond-Rogers

I want to thank Sheri for her assistance on canceling my timeshare. She made us feel comfortable and made the process really easy . Definitely recommend Primo Management Group.

Baltazar Ruiz Avatar
Baltazar Ruiz

PMG is a life saver in the timeshare exit business. I visited Las Vegas and I was invited to a timeshare presentation. After the presentation, I agree to sign up. Long story short, I got home and went thru the contract and I was in shocked. I contacted the sale manager and she told me it was too late to get out. I was worried. I talk to a friend who said they have company that can exit you out of time share. I goggle and PMG pop up. went thru their reviews and it was great. I contacted them and here I am today, TIMESHARE FREE. Thanks PMG. Great Job! You are all Appreciated.

Beverly Jambibi Avatar
Beverly Jambibi

Primo Management Group was everything they said they were going to be. They helped us get out of our timeshare within the time stated and they kept us informed through the whole process. We are very glad we decided to work with PMG. Thank You for everything.

Veronica Rodriguez Avatar
Veronica Rodriguez

At first i was very skeptical about signing with them because i did not think it was possible especiall When they said they can do it under 1 year.... but we were desperate and went ahead and signed.. WE ARE VERY HAPPY we did because they helped us out in less then they said they would! Thank you a million on keeping your promise!! I would recommend Primo Management Group to any of my friends and family that were also scammed by timeshare companies. They always contacted me on time monthly to keep me updated and if i had a question they always answered it...

Thank you once again..

Dylay Gonzalez Avatar
Dylay Gonzalez

I was naive when I reached out to my timeshare company thinking that they'd help me "sell" my contract. I was even more naive to think they'd help me and my wife get out of my contract when our finances changed. We learned what we'd *really* purchased and what its true value was. We didn't finance real property. We had nothing anyone wanted to buy.We found Primo Management Group and are very glad we did. While the timeshare company dragged their feet, PMG continued to check in with us every month and pursue the steps they outlined from the beginning. After about a year of consistent communication we received the letter with the Quit Claim Deed. And we're done. Our credit wasn't affected and we were never sent to collections. We're glad we partnered with PMG!

R Malcordia Avatar
R Malcordia

My wife and I were in a timeshare that was becoming much more than expected. We didn't know what to do and where to turn. After researching and making a few inquiries we settled with Primo Management Group to help us. From our first phone call to the last they were professional. They told us roughly how long the process would be, what to expect from start to finish and how it would all play out to release us from our timeshare. Everyone we were in contact was kind, professional and so helpful. Thank you Primo Management Group!

McKay Ferrin Avatar
McKay Ferrin

I was looking to get out of my timeshare because of the exploding maintenance fees year after year and the “guarantees” that never come from the timeshare companies. Thank you PMG- I was skeptical at first but I trusted them and it works. Everything they say and do is legit. Feel free to message me on Twitter if you don’t believe it. PMG is great and I recommend them to anyone stuck in a timeshare.

Rick Jorolemon Avatar
Rick Jorolemon

I would like to say thank you to Primo Management for getting us out of this nightmare of timeshare with the Hilton. I feel like me & my husband was tricked into buying while we were in Vegas celebrating our 1 year anniversary. These guys are the best & trust me you will not be disappointed when choosing them. Again thank you for everything.

Juanita Littleton Avatar
Juanita Littleton

Mi esposo y yo estamos altamente complacidos del servicio recibido de esta excelente firma. Teníamos una gran preocupación porque no podíamos deshacernos de la caga del time share, además de los engaños y acosos de vendedores que estaban llamando permanentemente ofreciendo vendernos el time share. En realidad lo que queríamos era que la corporación se quedara con la semana que teníamos, porque no queríamos que otra persona se quedara con el peso del engaño. Agracemos a este grupo de abogados que verdaderamente fueron de gran ayuda para nosotros, ellos descubrieron el engaño de estos grupos y nos libraron de ese acoso.

Milagros Sena Avatar
Milagros Sena

Everyone was very helpful in assisting us with dealing with the time share. I would recommend them to anyone to assist them with an issue like this.

Danny Byrum Avatar
Danny Byrum

Carlos Cortes was on point , he explained everything clear and to the point . It was a pleasure thank you for having our SIX

Guy Jacklyn Avatar
Guy Jacklyn

Primo successfully got us out of our timeshare. The process took quite some time but Primo assured us not to give up and we're happy we didn't because now we are free!

Eboni McGuire Avatar
Eboni McGuire

While the process of obtaining our "freedom " from the onerous maintenance fees in our tiimeshare ownership was lenghty, PMG and their representatives were excellent from start to fiish. Highly recommend their services to all who want to get out!

Daniel Osnato Avatar
Daniel Osnato

Amazing company providing a much needed service

Ron Ziolkowski Avatar
Ron Ziolkowski

My wife and I were looking to get out of our timeshare for a number of years and did not know how to do so. We engaged Primo Management Group and they were able to get us out of our timeshare agreement. They took care of all the actions that were needed with minimum involvement from us.

I highly recommend their services.

Dennis D'Antona Avatar
Dennis D'Antona

Following a divorce, we contacted Primo to assist us in cancelling our timeshare. The terms of our divorce complicated our needs, but Miriam was especially understanding and helpful. I really felt that she understood my position in the matter, and she was able to communicate that with the timeshare group. Her communication and follow-up were excellent, as well, and I was comfortable with the delays as I knew she was still working on our behalf. She made an unpleasant experience actually tolerable, and I'm grateful we had her in our corner.

Anna Kay Baker Avatar
Anna Kay Baker

So excited and filled with joy and a peace of mind; thanks to PMG!!! Great Job

Denise Carter Avatar
Denise Carter

I looked around for awhile for a way to get out of my timeshare and I almost found myself being scammed by a few companies. However after some research I found this company and I still was skeptical, but after some time speaking to them I felt more at ease. They gave me some time to think about my decision and helped me through the process. They kept me up to date with their monthly calls and answered all questions I had. It was ALOT easier than I thought and I'm glad to be out of my contract and moving on. There is Life after Timeshares. Thank You!

Rico Velazquez Avatar
Rico Velazquez

I hadn't heard of PMG before and was slightly apprehensive about using them, worried we would be duped by an exit scam. I am happy to say that they made the process easier than I thought it would be .They answer any question you have and walk you through the entire process. There was no worry or stress over it. If you want a release from your timeshare call them. It is definitely worth it.

Jagadish R Avatar
Jagadish R

Primo did a great job in getting us out of our timeshare. Very professional with there customer service!!

Larry Lake Avatar
Larry Lake

Primo Management completed removed me from my time share which I greatly appreciate. It was worth the investment not to have to pay the monthly payments and the annual maintenance fees.

Leonard Robertson Avatar
Leonard Robertson

I appreciate the monthly calls and the excellent customer service and now I’m timeshare free👍

Timmie Taylor Avatar
Timmie Taylor

PMG team members are incredibly hard-working and detail oriented. They worked very hard towards termination of my time-share. This team well-deserves to have a perfect 5-star review!! An extraordinary customer service, customer satisfaction, and trust are their top priority.

Ruta Talati Avatar
Ruta Talati

I like many was very skeptical about getting my timeshare cancelled through Primo Management Group. Before I called them I had talked with others but didn't get a good feeling or they didn't work my timeshare company. Primo was fabulous! I'm very happy with how things have turned out. It took a little longer than expected but during the process they answered all of my questions and kept me well informed. The best advice I can give is "Be patient"! Its a timely process but very worthwhile. Thanks Primo!!

Wanda K Avatar
Wanda K

My experience was amazing with Primo Management Group Inc they really cared about my case. I am finally out of the timeshare contract. Thank you so much Lay and all the staff for all the help and support thought all the process.

Alana Macedo Avatar
Alana Macedo

Best there is

Hardy Williams Avatar
Hardy Williams

Currently a client , just got released from one , I'm confident that they will get me out the second one soon as well. Took 4 months for to get released from the first timeshare.

terrell elkins Avatar
terrell elkins

From start to finish, this company hadn’t ceased to amaze me with their quality of work. I was always kept informed and they were always accessible when I had concerns, gripes or apprehensions. Overall from the first day of contacting them, to the time I was released from my timeshare, took only 8 months!! I’m currently in the credit repair stage, but am certain that the quality of care will not diminish!!!! Leave your care in their will not be disappointed with the results!

Liberty Stribling Avatar
Liberty Stribling

From start to end ,PRIMO MANAGEMENT has a complete staff and very professional. thank you for your services.

Nog Ops Rey Avatar
Nog Ops Rey

I really couldn't believe that they could get me out of my timeshare. They really did and they were very professional about it. You do have to do some work yourself, but it was not that bad. I would highly recommend PMG if you really need to get out of your timeshare.

Steve Salins Avatar
Steve Salins

Pleased with all services

Katherine Firestone Avatar
Katherine Firestone

We are very happy that we called PMG. They are the only company we felt comfortable with to help us resolve our issues. Everybody else seemed like we could be doubling down on our mistakes. This is the only company that will guarantee success. They are very thorough, and we are confident that they will help us exit our timeshare.

John Kottenstette Avatar
John Kottenstette

I was very nervous about using a company to help me get out of my Bluegreen timeshare. The consultant, Adam, did a great job showing me multiple ways the company was legit. I was more than satisfied. After completing the initial paperwork on 5/31/18, I was out of my contract in less than six months. I received monthly calls and updates on the process. Lay, the account manager, was wonderful as well. I am now working to get Bluegreen off of my credit report!!!

Megan Quarles Avatar
Megan Quarles

Just got off the phone with Marcus. He was very professional and explained in great detail information about this company, and how the services work. I want so badly to get out of my timeshare obligation. My timeshare is such a rip off. I will update this post just as soon as PMG works their magic.

Sheri Slade Avatar
Sheri Slade

Started the process after reading the reviews. Working with Marcus he took the time and did a thorough job explaining which is important. He didn’t rush and was very pleasant. We are at the beginning steps more to come.

Joann Cambareri Avatar
Joann Cambareri

I spoke with Nathaniel. He was incredible and extremely thorough If you call to use their assistance, I highly recommend you ask for Nathaniel. He has patient he explains things very well and he goes out of his way to make sure he gives you the help you need. Thank U Nathaniel for giving me peace of mind

Leticia Saenz Avatar
Leticia Saenz

By nature, I’m a skeptic when it comes to paying upfront fees for services. Well, Primo Management Group delivered on every promise and got my timeshare canceled in less than two months. LAY was awesome, and I can’t thank her enough for making the process so seamless. She was professional, informative, diligent and extremely pleasant with timely responses. I encourage anyone who’s looking to cancel their timeshare to contact the Primo Team. They are truly a blessing!!Bonnita B.

Bonnita Bradley Avatar
Bonnita Bradley

Thank you PMG. The process was quick and effortless on my part. Customer Service staff was always available and polite. Thank you...

ahsha lewis Avatar
ahsha lewis

They helped us out getting out of the timeshare in a timely manner (it took about 3-4months to get out of it in our case) and called us monthly to ensure that they were in the progress and let us know what was going on. As long as you do your part in a timely manner (sending them documents, letters, etc), they will get it done! Thanks Primo!

Jenny Jang Avatar
Jenny Jang

Want out of your timeshare? PMG provided accurate information quickly and saved me 7 years of regret. Kristen helped me compose my cancellation letter free of charge.

TheDreep423 Avatar

Primo Management Group was able to get me out of my timeshare within 12 months from signing the contract with them, they were very prompted at calling me every month and keeping me updated on the status of my account. I highly recommend them if your looking for guidance and support when wanting to get out of a timeshare nightmare...I was skeptical at first due to previous bad experiences with timeshare liquidation agencies, but Primo was has done a great job for me.

Susan DeMent Avatar
Susan DeMent

This is a very professional organization and was able to get me out of our time share as they said they would. I would recommend them to others who were taken by the unscrupulous time share organizations.

Lloyd Forsyth Avatar
Lloyd Forsyth

It took almost a year for my specific case but they were with me each step of the way. Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait on the process. I'm glad we make the decision to go with Primo Management. No additional payments, fees or credit notices for me since they day I finalized my contract with Primo Management.

Lee Odom Avatar
Lee Odom

Great company

Kyle Busch Avatar
Kyle Busch

It took several months but in the end I was on board with the conversation that was recorded saying my timeshare account is closed! Great Job Guys instant relief!

George Shelton Avatar
George Shelton

PMG gets the job done ! Lay did a terrific job of, not only getting me free of my timeshare, but also keeping me calm and relaxed through the process.....which was no easy task, believe me. I had previous experience with "escape" companies, that only took my money, with no results. I am 100% satisfied with PMG. Tiffany even helped me get my credit score back on no extra charge ! Thanks PMG.

Cary M Bennett Avatar
Cary M Bennett

WE feel finally FREE & relieved now after getting our timeshare Vacation Ownership returned back to the Developer in Orlando. We had it for 20 long years and had tried to return it directly to them several times, but were unsuccessful. Finally we have done it legally, thanks to the efficient and caring team of Primo Management Group (PMG ) and specially Miriam Alequin, the Customer Service Manager and Lay Bird, the Account Manager, who guided us step by step and were with us till the end answering our queries very promptly.I had got in touch with PMG in Oct 2017 and finally heard from my timeshare Resort offering the documents to Deed back my timeshare in March, 2018. Then after sending all the required documents to my timeshare Resort, the process was completed and finalized legally in September 2018.

Sunita Malhotra Avatar
Sunita Malhotra

After years of thinking I had no way out of my timeshare draining all my income, Primo Management came through for me and got me out of my timeshare. They were there every step of the way, always updating on where we were in the process and always available if I had any questions. If you think you’re stuck with your timeshare for life, I highly recommend Primo Management.

Lazaro Camara Avatar
Lazaro Camara

I had the best conversation with John Eatmon at Primo Management Group. I am not even a client yet, but the time he took with me over the phone and computer was so informative and helpful. He gave me all the time needed to answer all my questions.

Cherie Jacobs Avatar
Cherie Jacobs

Primo Management delivered as promised,getting me out of my timeshare. They were professional every step of the way. It was an easy process ! They are trustworthy and worth the cost.

margaret a. cain Avatar
margaret a. cain

Highly recommend Prime Management Group to the people who want to get rid of their timeshares.PMG is a legitimate company helped me to exit the ridiculous timeshare point system from Diamond Resort International, the worst timeshare company ever. PMG has a very good management team to help you from explaining the process, disputing the credit card down payment, case update, credit recovery and stress free finally. The important thing is to trust PMG, they can do it! Thanks PMG!

anita lau Avatar
anita lau

alguien ha probado salir de bluegreen vacation y como lo hizo??????

Eugenia Padilla Avatar
Eugenia Padilla

The Primo Management Group were very helpful assisting with my exit from my timeshare. They took time to explain the process, were professional and very caring. They contacted me throughout the process with updates and if I needed anything or had questions I could reach out to them at any time and would always connect with someone on my team. I am very pleased with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of their assistance in exiting a timeshare.

Cynthia Mcgill Avatar
Cynthia Mcgill

Amanda and the team at PMG were very helpful and generous providing guidance & counsel with a failing timeshare situation we are in. Our current exit firm just filed bankruptcy and left us hanging. We dished out $$'s in good faith and got scammed. I wish we had worked with PMG initially!!! Having lived the nightmare we now know the right questions to ask and PMG had solid answers.

Bob Flagler Avatar
Bob Flagler

Mark and Miriam have been helping me get rid of this mistake I’ve made. They both told me to stay calm and it will be taken care of in time. For now I will give PMG 4 stars, until I am for sure out of this mess along with any credit repair(s) that I may take a hit upon this process. Then I will change from 4 to 5.Update: They helped me get out it. It was a relief to finally be out of that mess. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks a lot.

Matthew B Avatar
Matthew B

The team at Primo Management Group bent over backwards to help me. From the very first meeting they gave me hope and patiently listened to all of my details. They helped me understand and explore all of my options. The costs were reasonable and clearly explained. They regularly checked in to give me progress updates. They exhibited professionalism even when dealing with a very difficult timeshare property. They displayed kindness and were easy to work with. Ultimately they were able to assist me in reaching my end goal. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of assistance with their timeshare.

Jamie Baraibar Avatar
Jamie Baraibar

I cannot say enough good things about Primo Management Group! I needed to get out of my timeshare ASAP and from the moment I called they walked me step by step through the entire process and made the process stress free. Miriam and Lay consistently checked in with me and provided updates on my case. They were super patient and thorough. Israel was also a pleasure to speak to and really seemed like he genuinely cared to help me. It’s obvious that this company really values their customers and maintaining a high level of professionalism. 10/10 would recommend!

Gabriela Lopez Avatar
Gabriela Lopez

I was very scare of "timeshare relief" options, they all ask you for money in advance and it sounds to good to be true, but it was! The whole process took 4 days after we decided to pay. They send a letter and the time share replied releasing us from the property. We did not have to pay the previous dues. Really good and fast service, I will recommend to whoever is still on a timeshare nightmare.

Laura Duque Avatar
Laura Duque

Excellent service, monthly updates. Closed two time shares

Dee Merrow Avatar
Dee Merrow

Primo Management got us out of 2 timeshares, one with Hilton and one with Westgate. They did everything exactly as they described they would and supported and advised us every step of the way.

Theresa Reeise Avatar
Theresa Reeise

We are very satisfied with the results we got from Primo Management, they got us out of the terrible contract we had gotten into with Bluegreen! So happy we got this put behind us and don’t have to worry about the rising mainenence fees. Thank you Primo Management.

Chad Cammack Avatar
Chad Cammack

Great customer service and communication. Great updates and information given every month and made sure there weren't any loose ends.

michael caines Avatar
michael caines

Primo Management Group were awesome in helping me get out of my timeshare and they were a legit. I would recommend them to all and anyone that are being robbed by the timeshare scams.

Ampara Robinson Avatar
Ampara Robinson

For anyone who has a timeshare they are wanting to get rid of this company is wonderful to work with. They have gone above and beyond to help us with the legalities of doing this. Bryce is very helpful and is working on helping us again. I would highly definitely recommend Primo Management Group Inc.

Edward Kelley Avatar
Edward Kelley

When I first realized what a HUGE mistake my timeshare purchase had been, I began searching options of selling. I spoke with Alex at Primo Management Group, and he was so helpful! I still remained very skeptical, as I had just been 'had' by the timeshare company. I waited a couple of months and called Alex again. He never pressured me, only explained the process and that they could help. He was right on target! Once I was on board...the process went exactly as Alex had explained. Lay was also awesome every step of the way with keeping me updated with the progress. In just a short time, I received my letter that I no longer had my timeshare. Hallelujah! I can't thank Primo Management Group and their team enough!

Nicole Avatar

The time share company made a lot of promises that went out the window after we singed the contract. We felt stuck with no way out until I found Primo Management Group they gave us hope and delivered on their promises.

Dan willingham Avatar
Dan willingham

I must say that I am very impressed with PMG, Inc, I finally found someone that gave me great amount of hope regarding a Timeshare that I purchased years ago, Terry Walls was amazing, very thorough he takes time to explain all detail and answer any questions there is. I will keep you posted with the future outcome.

Ana Evora Avatar
Ana Evora

told me exactly what to do to get released from my timeshare and they updated me every step of the way Thank you Primo

Kris DeNella Avatar
Kris DeNella

Will get U out your time share!!

Rocco's Vegan Life Avatar
Rocco's Vegan Life

My Wife and I "purchased" a timeshare in 2012 and never used it. We were married in 2014, while out celebrating we were approached by another resort representative and we agreed to the "presentation". We didn't want two timeshares so we agreed to a second with the pretense that they would help us sell our first timeshare. Fast forward, we are now stuck with both. After a google search, I found PMG and set up a phone consultation. I have to be honest, I'm still a little skeptical since we have tried to sell them through another company that lists the Timeshare on their site. Needless to say, we never sold them. After speaking with Terry Walls, he has eased our mind a little and I look forward to being released from these nightmares.

Greg And Naomi Diaz Avatar
Greg And Naomi Diaz

My wife and I are truly blessed to have found primo management group. We signed up for a timeshare and quickly realized it wasn’t what we wanted. Bryce went above and beyond to help guide us through the cancellation process and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

Ronaldo Sanchez Avatar
Ronaldo Sanchez

Saved my wife and I as we didn't exceed out 10 days, so helpful and outstanding.

Steve Veerapen Avatar
Steve Veerapen

My wife and I were pressured to signed up for a time-share with Diamond Resorts. Once we got home we realized that we had made a mistake. We surfed the web and found Primo. They immediately began sending correspondence to Primo. After denying us throughout the process, six months latter we received a cancellation letter from Diamond. Although we didn't get credited back the down payment of 5000.00 we paid to Diamond via Credit card, we did get out of the contract as of today. We only wish that we could get refunded the 5000 back on our credit card because it would cut our losses. The Cost to us was 9000.00 for a bad decision to take the time-share.

Priest KhazaqYah Ben Yisrael Avatar
Priest KhazaqYah Ben Yisrael

Primo is an excellent group highly recommended to help you getting out of a time share. They are very professional and helpful. They will walk you throughout the entire processs .👌💯👍

Rosalia Pursel Avatar
Rosalia Pursel

My experience with PMG was the best possible. They were always available when I needed, guided through the process of recovering some of the money I had lost and I'm finally free of my timeshare.

Wander Câmara Avatar
Wander Câmara

We got into a timeshare program and quickly regretted it! I researched various groups to help us get out of our timeshare. We chose Primo and we are very satisfied! They did a terrific job. Everything was laid out for us, there were no hidden costs or unexpected hoops to jump through. It was very easy and they stayed in great communication with us through the whole process! I am so thankful we chose Primo Management Group!

Fran Groover Avatar
Fran Groover

I can honestly say that this group is outstanding. I never write reviews but there was no way I would not take the time to express how great they they are. Primo Management Group fought HARD to get my husband and I out of a time share and successfully got us out. Which feels amazing. If you are looking for that please do not look any more they are the people!!! Shout out to Miriam as well I would call every other day and she would answer/return calls ASAP and went above and beyond! Truly recommend them.

Yessica Vargas Avatar
Yessica Vargas

I spoke with Bryce for about 3 hours. He was very helpful and answered all my questions and was very patience with me as my computer is slow. He even helped out by calling the Resort and finding out what my payments where. He took that time to make sure that I understand everything. I would recommend this company for any and all that is needed to get started on getting out of a timeshare deal.

sarah klumpp Avatar
sarah klumpp

Primo Management is a professional and a very necessary company. Primo lived up to their promises on services and beyond. They kept me in the loop monthly with phone calls, left messages when I couldn’t answer and followed up with emails too! After all I went through being laid off for a year (2017) and then my husband being laid at the end of that year, having such a great experience with Primo was such a stress relief and a gift from my first phone call with them to my last. . I recommend 100%

Delia Lara Avatar
Delia Lara

Primo was worth everything that I paid. They stayed in contact with me periodically throughout the entire process and were successful in getting my time share resolved. I love this company!

Kia Lewis Avatar
Kia Lewis

I am so happy I made the decision to choose this company. I chose them at first because of their credibility and in less than 3 months I can see why they are so credible. I am now free from my timeshare which at first I believed I would never get out of. I couldn't be more grateful for this outcome. The customer service was welcoming and I had continuous communication. I would refer them to my family and friends

aileen Reyes Avatar
aileen Reyes

They did a great job of handling our inquiry and giving us a resolution. We are out of our Time Share. Great customer service.

Maria O . P. Avatar
Maria O . P.

We just signed our contract with PMG, Brandon Thomas is our contact. So far we feel we have made a good decision and believe we will be released from our timeshare quickly. Brandon was very thorough in his presentation of PMG and how the process will work.

Zelly Avatar

Kristen Dorman was Awesome she gave me the Right info and advice that was needed to help me out of a very challenging situation. Thank God I called Primo Management Corp.

Carlton McCray Avatar
Carlton McCray

Primo did exactly what they said they would. I had already tried to relinquish my time share on my own with no luck. With this property, it took less than a year for the whole process, and Primo stuck with it and got me out of a timeshare I never wanted in the first place! Most time share sellers are dishonest and pushy to say the least; Primo is on our side, standing up against the evil practices!

Joshua Cunningham Avatar
Joshua Cunningham

I saw this company on Facebook and I clicked on it, and I immediately got a phone call from Brandon Thomas. He started telling me a little about the company and he asked if I could get my husband on the phone.He explained everything in detail and we were pleased with what we heard.We decided to go with this company. Brandon was great!!

Doris Davis Avatar
Doris Davis

The more people who use Primo Management, the better the world will be. Primo did exactly what they said they would. I had already tried to relinquish my time share on my own with no luck. With this property, it took almost a year for the whole process, but Primo stuck with it and got me out of a timeshare I never wanted in the first place. Most time share sellers are dishonest and pushy to say the least; Primo is on our side, standing up against the evil practices. I recommend Primo without reservation.

Trevor Meyer Avatar
Trevor Meyer

Thank you to PMG. We were helped by multiple people and all of which were knowledgeable and professional. Thank You Lay, Miriam, Sam, Leslie and anyone else that was able to answer the plethora of questions we had for the process.

John Molborn Avatar
John Molborn

Primo Management Group did a great job of getting us out of our time share. We actually thought it was closed the first time and the time share came back with charges for more fees. We contacted Primo and they had it taken care of within a couple of days. We received a release letter from the time share stating we owed nothing and had no further obligations. What a relief!

Barry Mosemann Avatar
Barry Mosemann

Primo is awesome! They helped me every step of the way. It took a long time but now My family and I are free to go vacation anywhere we want without any hidden or extra fees.

Julie Chavez Avatar
Julie Chavez

It took 6 months and I'm released from my time share! Thanks to PMG!thought it was one of those scam artist but they really did a good job, they even give you monthly updates which makes you feel that they're with you all the way.

Rodney Sindac Avatar
Rodney Sindac

I really appreciate the knowledgeable help from Mark Joseph. He really help me get out of a bad situation

larry linton Avatar
larry linton

My husband and I would like to thank Mr. Israel and Mr. Ken at Primo Management Group (PMG) for working with us to cancel our two timeshares. Their customer service was excellent and they worked with us financially to get the ball rolling to exit our timeshare contracts. We look forward to working with them and their team!

Lakesha Walton Avatar
Lakesha Walton

I was skeptical at first because I always think everything is a scam, but this company is legit and very helpful. They told me with my case it could take up to a year to get me released from my contract and I just received confirmation that I was released from my contract and it only took 7- 8 months. I highly recommend Primo Management Group!

Gwen Wilson Avatar
Gwen Wilson

Just started working with Ken, and so far so good! We can't wait to get out of our has been a nightmare. Ken has been super nice and patient with our many questions and busy schedules. He has explained everything step-by-step and made us feel well taken care of by PMG.

Jessica Farrell Avatar
Jessica Farrell

Mark Joseph and his team are quick with service, answers and results turning this major nightmare of a vacation club into just a lesson learned. I cannot thank Primo and their staff enough for providing the much needed relief I needed from this trap.

Ryan Freitag Avatar
Ryan Freitag

Currently going through the process of getting out of my time share !Mark has been pretty helpful helping us understand our options , and guiding us through the process . Would definitely recommend him ! Will post another review once I’m completely free from my timeshare. I hope this helps other time share owners!!

Diana Mena Avatar
Diana Mena

Bryce is the consumer advocate I worked with. I also spoke with Sean, one of the owners. They set my mind at ease with their money back guarantee. I believe that this is a legitimate company who has the best interests of its clients at heart.

Katie Jones Avatar
Katie Jones

Worked with Bryce Caldwell on thorny out-of-country timeshare problem. He was extremely competent and professional in resolving problem. Will sleep well tonight thanks to him. Extremely satisfied and highly recommend Primo!

Sue Houghland Avatar
Sue Houghland

My experience with Primo Management was phenomenal!Bryce Caldwell walked me through the entire process effortlessly, and within 1 hour the matter was resolved! My timeshare was cancelled that day! I am highly recommending Primo Management to anyone who is looking to be released from their timeshare.

Teresa Lawton Avatar
Teresa Lawton

I just signed on with PMG to get rid of my El Cid timeshare. I am working with Mark Joseph, and he has already helped me to recover over $1800 in about an hour's time. Mark is very friendly and experienced, and I look forward to finally getting out of my timeshare with his help! I will post with an update when all is said and done.

Brad Cleland Avatar
Brad Cleland

This company does EXACTLY what they say they will do! It definitely takes time for them to get you out of the contract (took us almost a full year) but in the end it's done. The customer service is AWESOME! We received ALOT of threatening phone calls and letters from the resort to the point of us considering paying but we contacted Leslie Valentin @ Primo and she gently explained the whole process over and over again to us. She always made us feel @ ease with the entire process, she called us every month with updates even if there wasn't much to update but just to keep us calm and in the loop and feeling comfortable she was there. I am recommending them to 2 couples personally and I DEFINITELY recommend them and Leslie to you!

Danyette Robinson Avatar
Danyette Robinson

We are trying to get out of our Timeshare. We contacted Primo Management Group. We spoke with Bryce who explained things thoroughly. We also talked to Sean who gave more understanding. They were very professional, courteous, and polite. We are encouraged.

Barbara Jones Avatar
Barbara Jones

Primo is amazing. The rep Alex that assisted me was very knowledgable on how to handle my situation, and was very professional and courteous. Anyone needing help with timeshares (and how to protect yourself and get away from the scams!) I would recommend you contacting these guys at Primo.

William Jones Avatar
William Jones

i called primo management group in orlando i was in forclosure status and Mark from there was awesome to get us out of our contract thanks guys.

stan bobro Avatar
stan bobro

I really want to thank Alex Vincent for his knowledgeable information on cancelling my contract even for his help with drafting the cancellation letter.He was on top of the task getting back with me by email and phone. Thank you again Alex.

Sharron Lewis Avatar
Sharron Lewis

We worked with Primo Management Group Inc., and Ms. Leslie Valentin most frequently. This company does what they promise to do! After being in a timeshare contract and trying to extract ourselves from it due to health reasons, we were very upset, discouraged, and afraid to trust anyone. Leslie Valentin contacted us monthly with updates, and we were able to send information we received from the resort to her directly. Advice was provided as to what we should or should not communicate with the resort. This process took approximately eight months to be resolved, but we achieved our goal of deeding our property back to the resort. I highly recommend Primo Management, and Leslie Valentin particularly, without reservation.

Marlys Jones Avatar
Marlys Jones

Ken was really, really nice, friendly and knew his stuff!!

Leslie Gallagher Avatar
Leslie Gallagher

Went to Vegas, got caught up in signing for a Time Share we didn't want and didn't cancel in time. Luckily we found Primo online and had a call with Alex who was very knowledgeable, pleasant and took his time explaining and answering our questions. Now Lay has been working on our Time Share exit - always responding to our emails. And less than 3 weeks, has given us an early update via telephone. All sounds promising! We'll be jumping for joy and posting our good new as soon as we receive our Termination papers!

Diane Minden Avatar
Diane Minden

I called Primo Management and spoke to Mark Joseph. He has got me started on this process on what I am to expect and I’m excited to have them help me. Hopefully I can get my desired results from them.

Lachanda Brunson Avatar
Lachanda Brunson

The customer service department has been so patient and helpful.

Cristy Clark Avatar
Cristy Clark

Mark Jospeh was an awesome help to my wife and I in cancelling our timeshare. I recommend primo management group!!

Allen Mabson2 Avatar
Allen Mabson2

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Mark Joseph of the Primo Management Group regarding the possibility of severing my time share contracts with the Wyndham organization. Mark was extremely professional as he walked me through the necessary steps to accomplish this task in a legal manner. If the rest of the PMG Group is as knowledgeable as Mark than I am confident that we will have a successful outcome.

Jerry Kirchoff Avatar
Jerry Kirchoff

Spoke with Mark Joseph today he was very informative and motivated about helping me getting rid of my timeshare with Vacation Village Resorts. Mark worked with me to answer all questions and concerns. I will be moving forward with Primo Management Group and will post follow up after all is said and done.

Danesh Prasad Avatar
Danesh Prasad

Had the pleasure of speaking with Alex who walked me thru the steps of hopefully getting me out of my time share. He took over 90 minutes explaining everything so that I understood it well. Thank you Ale x for your time.

kathy otis Avatar
kathy otis

We called Primo Management Inc in Orlando and spoke with Mark Joseph. He was understanding of our situation and explained all of our options. He assisted us in calling Discover and getting our money back from the resort. We look forward to working with Primo, and finally getting out of our timeshare.


Mark at Primo Management was very helpful and informative through the process. I am very excited about getting out of my timeshare. A heavy burden was lifted today for me. Mark was very patient working with this skeptical lady and answered all my questions.

Judy Jacobs Avatar
Judy Jacobs

Matt was very nice and helpful. He explained everything in detail and walked us through the beginning process. Sean who is one of the owners also spoke with us and answered all of our questions. We look forward to working with them and getting out of our timeshare.

L Fentress Avatar
L Fentress
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