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Here are some of our REAL 5-star reviews which have helped us earn an “A” - Excellent - rating from the Business Consumer Alliance:

We highly recommend PMG!Like a lot of folks, we were so mislead with our timeshare. And we experienced a LOT of frustration every time we dealt with them.We contacted PMG in April, and in 6 months, we were no longer under the obligation of our timeshare. We can’t describe the relief we feel no longer having the stress we were under.Everyone we spoke with at PMG, was friendly, and extremely patient with us. We are so grateful for the effort you put into helping us. Thank you...doesn’t seem like enough.

Rhonda Rhinehart Avatar
Rhonda Rhinehart

Bought a timeshare in 1985 with Wyndham Resorts , only used twice and paid it off. Paid yearly maintenance for 30 yrs and finally decided to look into exit strategies. Went through about 10 companies and ended up with Primo Management Group. Paid them 12/2019 and got released from Wyndham Resorts in March 2020. Customer service, correspondence and email replies were top notch. Glad I found a company that is experienced and got the job done. They even offer lifetime help if any problems arise in the future. Definitely recommend them to anyone who is tired of paying management fees for their timeshare.

K W2 Avatar
K W2

We were very pleased with Primo Management Group. Though it took longer then we hoped everyone was very kind and helpful. All of our questions and concerns were taken care of each time we called.

Diane coombs Avatar
Diane coombs

we had the very good experience with PMG company. we were able to get rid of the timeshare within 13 month from the time we signed contract. and very glad that all our relationship with timeshare comes to the end. Susanna Kozak

Susanna kozak Avatar
Susanna kozak

This company explained from start to finish how the process would go. After being taken by the resort we were skeptical but it went like clockwork. I was extremely surprised. I would recommend Primo 1000% satisfied. Thank to all the staff for your help giving me my freedom back.

Marilyn Love Avatar
Marilyn Love

Primo has been great from the beginning. I thought with COVID going on it wouldn't be handled as quickly but it has! They were very attentive, always giving me updates. I would highly recommend Primo Mgmt. They were fantastic!

Denise Martinez Avatar
Denise Martinez

It's worth the wait, Primo Management worked in a very professionally manner and got us out of two timeshares. We are very happy and it's worth the wait for the release! thank you Primo

Info account Avatar
Info account

It was a long time coming, finally I'm out of my timeshare. I have to admit I was nervous & hesitant about taking this approach, but when I read the reviews on here it gave me the confidence I needed to go through with it. So I'm leaving my review, this is not a game or a hoax, not a scam. I just got out of my timeshare and I don't have to worry about that problem ever again !

Anthony Williams Avatar
Anthony Williams

Great experience, go us out of our timeshare quickly, always responded timely to emails/questions. Definitely would recommend Primo Mgmt Grp to be released from a timeshare.

Linda Freivogel Avatar
Linda Freivogel

Our experience was simple. All we did was to send PMG our information that we received from Hilton. PMG did the rest. Now we"ve been relieved from our Hilton mess.

Chuck Doty Avatar
Chuck Doty

I am very impressed with this company and their goal to help you with your timeshare management. My wife and I recently fell for a timeshare opportunity and afterward felt the buyers remorse. They were happy to tell me what I can do. Not offering legal advise but just pointing me in the right direction to get rid of my problem. I want to thank Sheri Nine and her compassion to help others and would highly recommend Primo Management Group Inc.

Shane Anderson Avatar
Shane Anderson

Highly recommend PMG. Don't use any other service to help relieve you of your timeshare headache. Top to bottom their staff, their professionalism and their diligence in handling my timeshare issue is hands down one of the better experiences I've had when needing help to rectify a situation that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to accomplish as efficiently. Thanks you PMG!

Travis Davidson Avatar
Travis Davidson

I had signed up for a Time Share with all of the best intentions. A week later I realized that I had been manipulated and dreaded the "in perpetuity" clause. Frantically, I called and was redirected to an organization that would "sell" my Time Share. After paying a "marketing" fee nothing happened. I researched a number of companies - some actually have radio advertisements. Primo Management immediately told me what I needed to do and handled the rest. Five months later, I was released from this horrible nightmare. They have been a delight to work with and we are now rebuilding my credit score. I highly recommend them.

Pamela Gzehoviak Avatar
Pamela Gzehoviak

Primo Management is the Best thing to ever happen to me

Florence Slade Avatar
Florence Slade

I'm out of the TimeShare.-I have enjoyed the staffs and the help they have provided for me. I would recommend the Primo Management Group, Inc. to anyone that need the HELP to get out of their TimeShare. Thanks!!

Isaiah Collins Avatar
Isaiah Collins
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We know how stressful timeshare contracts can be. What once sounded like a dream resort package turned into a nightmare. When you don’t know where to turn, look to PMG to relieve you of your timeshare burden. We pride ourselves on open, honest, and frequent communication with our clients.

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We know how stressful timeshare contracts can be. What once sounded like a dream resort package turned into a nightmare. When you don’t know where to turn, look to PMG to relieve you.
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We pride ourselves on open, honest, and frequent communication with our clients. We’re here to help you every step of the way, and end the nightmare of an unwanted timeshare.

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