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Why Do People Fall For Timeshares?


June 4, 2019 – by James Cox


It’s very tempting. With little money down and some easy monthly payments, you can have access to a beautiful, well maintained home or apartment that you partially own as a timeshare. What could go wrong? Every year, tens of thousands of people fall for this mistake as they are swayed and wooed by timeshare companies. These businesses offer incentives like free weekend getaways, free food, theme park tickets or anything else they can offer to get you in the door.  

People know about these scams and they go to just enjoy the free offers and plan on leaving with their bank account untouched. So, what happens? The timeshare companies know you are walking in with strong reservations and they also know how to play on it. They build reason to doubt what you’ve heard from friends, family or read online. They know that they have a bad reputation to overcome and they cannot simply lie to you to make a deal. So, how do they pull it off? How do they still convince people, decent, intelligent people to fall for this scam?

Reasonable Doubt

Don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s something we’ve been hearing since we were children. We are told to be patient and get the facts before making the decision. The problem is that there’s a psychology behind the way these businesses approach you. They know that just like a magician, the best way to trick someone is to give them enough truth to make the lie even tougher to spot.

When it’s explained to you that a hotel in the same area you can get a timeshare in will cost you roughly the same amount, then you start to wonder about that. Next, they show you how easy the monthly payments are to make. It’s less than you pay for cable and internet. Then they start showing you the advantages of owning your own property in such a popular area, especially when you consider the cost of hotels in this destination is only going to continue to go up.

By now the doubt you went in with is quickly fading away and you are starting to wonder if you had it all wrong. Again, these salespeople are pros, they know exactly what they need to say to build that doubt in your head. The free promotion that got you in the door wasn’t just to get them some time with you, it was to help you enjoy yourself and soften up a bit. Who doesn’t want to get their own place in a destination where they are having fun?

You’re not dumb for having fallen for a timeshare scam, you simply were misinformed and lied to. How can we help? Our services will help you to get out of this situation and protect you from any future problems from the company and their legal team.


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