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Vacation Ideas That Beat Timeshares

vacation ideas

May 30, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

vacation ideas

Looking for vacation ideas that aren’t timeshares? You’re in luck!

Timeshare companies sell people on the idea that having a timeshare means a lifetime of amazing vacations. But timeshares come with serious risks. And the truth is, you can get that without buying a timeshare. Here are our top vacation ideas for timeshare-free travel.

Traditional Vacation Rentals

Why spend upwards of $20,000 on a timeshare and pay annual maintenance fees when you can simply rent the same or similar units at any resort or hotel in the world? Instead of getting locked into the same location, you can try a different place each year. And if you really like a place, you can always go back. As vacation ideas go, rentals beat timeshares for their flexibility and opportunity. Plus you can sign up for loyalty programs and take advantage of deals and other travel hacking methods that you can’t do with a timeshare.

Airbnb & Other Home Sharing Apps

If a traditional resort or rental isn’t up your alley, consider Airbnb or other similar home-sharing apps. On Airbnb, you can find a million different kinds of rentals all over the world. Stay in a treehouse, a penthouse, or a tiny house. The choice is yours. This model gives travelers so much variety and flexibility. Timeshares simply can’t compete.

Timeshare Rentals

If you really have your heart set on a timeshare resort, you can always rent a timeshare without the commitment. And sometimes you can get amazing deals from owners who can’t use their timeshare and don’t want to waste their money. Marketplaces like Redweek and Timeshare Users Group give you access to all kinds of timeshare rental listings. Enjoy all the amenities of a timeshare and skip the high price tag and annual fees. Make sure to carefully read the fine print, though. Some timeshares limit access to amenities for renters.

Vacation Homes

For people with a little more financial security who are looking for consistent vacations for themselves and their families, a vacation home or property can be a good investment. Like a timeshare, you can visit year after year. But unlike a timeshare, buying a vacation home or property is an investment. Plus, you get the freedom to decides when to go, what to upgrade, and what the rules are!


For low-cost vacation ideas, you can’t beat camping. If you want to really rough it, go for a state or national forest. They offer very low-cost sites. But they also offer few amenities. Be prepared to bring your own water and firewood and don’t expect electrical hook-ups or fancy toilets. State and National parks also offer budget-friendly sites and many have bathrooms, showers, electrical hook-ups and more. Or go for private campgrounds featuring all manner of activities including pools, water parks, bike rental and more. No matter which camping option you choose, you’ll enjoy fresh air and access to natural resources. Plus with all that money you save, you can vacation more often!


Of course, the ultimate in budget-friendly vacation ideas is the staycation. You can take a vacation without leaving home. Clear your calendar and act like a tourist in your own backyard. You can stay in your own house, or stay in a hotel or Airbnb in your own city. Either way, you save on the cost of traveling to a new destination. Popular staycation ideas include hitting up your local museums, scheduling a spa day, and ordering room service (hello, food delivery!)

Too Late! I Already Bought A Timeshare!

With so many great vacation ideas and opportunities out there, timeshares just don’t make sense for many people. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that before they buy. If you’re experiencing timeshare buyers remorse, we’re here for you. We help people get out of their unwanted timeshares every day. Give us a call and schedule a free, no-risk consultation. We’ll get you out of your timeshare and into a vacation that suits you.

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