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Timeshare Sales Stories: Fairy Tale or Heist?

Timeshare Sales

April 19, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Timeshare Sales

Check out the timeshare sales story from beginning to end.

Each timeshare sales process has a story. And although some do have happy endings, others turn from fairy tales into horror stories. Let’s take a look at where timeshare sales go wrong.

The Ideal Timeshare Sales Story

The ideal timeshare story goes like this: A prospective buyer attends a sales presentation. During the presentation, the sales rep offers an amazing deal. The buyer uses their extra money in the bank to take advantage of this deal. And they are rewarded with a free gift just for attending. Then they spend the remaining years of their life paying reasonable maintenance fees in exchange for wonderful vacations with their family. When they die, the timeshare passes to their children, who are happy to do the same with their families.

The Timeshare Sales Presentation

Each timeshare story starts with a timeshare purchase, usually during a sales presentation. But unfortunately, not all sales presentations are like the one above. Here are a few ways the story turns dark.

  1. The Sales Rep makes false promises. Some buyers find out that their dream vacation is a nightmare. Instead of the beautiful beach-view unit, they’re in a cramped studio overlooking a cement pool in disarray. Or they find out that their timeshare was a fantasy. The points they purchased aren’t worth a hill of magic beans and the only way to actually schedule their vacation is to pay more.
  2. Sometimes the free incentive disappears when the consumer refuses to close the deal. So, even though they sat through the presentation and maybe even ended up buying a timeshare they didn’t want, they don’t get the gift.

Upfront Costs

In our perfect story, the owner happily pays a bargain purchase price plus appropriate annual fees to support amazing vacations. In real life, that’s not always the case.

  1. The sales rep may use high-pressure tactics to push the buyer into paying far more than they need to. When this happens, the buyer gets anything but a bargain. And considering that the resale value of a timeshare is pennies on the dollar, any price may be too high.
  2. The buyer may not have the money up front, so the sales rep offers easy developer financing. Unfortunately, developer loans often come with high-interest rates. So the consumer ends up paying much more in the long run.

Ongoing Fees

All timeshare owners pay maintenance fees to cover basic resort maintenance and upkeep. But here’s how fees get out of control and speed toward an unhappy ending.

  1. Sometimes maintenance fees rise very quickly. And that means that owners can’t keep up. Suddenly their bargain vacations start feeling like burdens, and there’s no fun in that!
  2. Other times, resorts levy one-time special assessments to cover damages, upgrades or shortfalls. Owners can’t plan for these unexpected expenses. And the timeshare sales rep probably didn’t’ mention these in the presentation.
  3. Finally, in some cases, maintenance fees and special assessments are just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes those fees multiply like gremlins until owners just can’t handle it anymore.

No Escape!

The final plot twist is that once the timeshare sale is final, it’s difficult to escape. Some owners rent out units they can’t afford or can’t use, but this isn’t a permanent solution. And some owners try to sell, but the resale market is highly competitive. Others turn to the resort, trying to give back their timeshare to be free of the obligation. Unfortunately, most resorts make this very difficult. Is there no escape?

The Happy Ending

We’re happy to tell you that even the scariest timeshare story can have a happy ending. Even if you were the victim of a deceptive sales process or your timeshare fees are out of control, you can get out. We help people get out of their unwanted timeshares everything. And that’s not just a story. It’s the truth backed up by hundreds of happy clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you get out.

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