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Timeshare Regret: The Struggle is Real

Timeshare Regret

November 9, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

Timeshare Regret

Do you suffer from timeshare regret? Here’s what to do about it.

Timeshare regret is a costly problem affecting so many people. It happens when a person buys a timeshare they don’t need. They find out it isn’t what they wanted, or that they can no longer use and then they’re stuck with it. Find out what timeshare regret looks like and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

Impulse Buys

We’ve all done it. On a routine shopping trip, we wander past a display of something we weren’t planning to buy—at least not today. Maybe it’s a fabulous vacuum that can transform our lives. Or maybe it’s a fancy dress that would be just the thing for a glamorous party. But when we get home, we notice the vacuum doesn’t work for pet hair and we have two golden retrievers. Or we realize we never go to glamorous parties and would rather just have a pair of comfy pants for snuggling on the couch with Netflix. Been there, done that. Luckily, most of these purchases are returnable. We take it back, get a refund and move on with our lives.

Unfortunately, timeshares don’t work that way. It’s one thing to buy a dress on impulse. What if the thing you bought on impulse wasn’t returnable? And what if you didn’t just pay for it once but had to pay for it for the rest of your life? Well, that’s exactly what happens to so many vacationers who go into a timeshare presentation and come out timeshare owners. For these consumers, the morning after is a rude awakening.

Bait and Switch

Many people buy timeshares because they really do want the timeshare they were promised. You know, the high-end fixtures and great floor plan they saw in the model. And the flexible points system that allows them to stay in other fabulous resorts with just a simple exchange. They wanted the vacation lifestyle that the sales rep painted.

But then reality sets in. As it turns out, the model you saw is just a model and you can’t really stay in it. So, you stay in a “comparable” unit. Which isn’t anywhere near as awesome as you’d been promised. Or worse, you’re unable to book at all. You call to reserve your time and nothing is available at your preferred resort. You’re offered a substitute resort, but it’s not at the beach and you can only get four days with your points. You are not living your best vacation life and it’s costing you a fortune.

Changing Circumstances

Timeshare contracts last forever. And when life changes, as it inevitably does, the contract does not change with you. For example, maybe when your kids were young, they loved staying at the themed resort. But now their favorite movie characters just don’t thrill them like they used to. Unfortunately, you can’t move your deeded timeshare to a more suitable location.

Or maybe when you signed your contract, you had two solid incomes and those maintenance fees didn’t seem that expensive. But you’ve been laid off and can no longer afford the fees let alone the four plane tickets for your family to get to your timeshare. So, you skipped paying your fees and now your HOA has sent you to collections. What started out as a great situation for your family is now a nightmare.

We also see a lot of people who for whatever reason can no longer travel liked they used to. Maybe they have health concerns or mobility issues. Or they can no longer get away for those long vacations. So, the timeshare sits unused while the fees deplete their savings and their children’s inheritances. For many seniors, their once-enjoyable vacation is now a source of financial and emotional stress.

What to Do About Timeshare Regret

Luckily, timeshare regret doesn’t need to ruin your life. At Primo Management Group, we help people suffering from timeshare regret and other timeshare mistakes every day. Contact us for a free, no-risk consultation and we’ll walk you through how we can turn your regret into celebration and a cancellation letter.

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