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Timeshare Maintenance Fee Alternatives: A Guide to Freedom

Timeshare Maintenance Fee Alternatives

August 23, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

Timeshare Maintenance Fee Alternatives

What would you do if you didn’t have to pay maintenance fees? Check out these hot timeshare maintenance fee alternatives.

The average timeshare owner spent almost $1000 on maintenance fees in 2017, even if they didn’t get to use their timeshare. Check out what you could be doing with these timeshare maintenance fee alternatives.

Take a vacation someplace else!

You’ve been locked into Florida or Branson all this time. Now’s your chance to head for new horizons. Jet off to New York City and see Hamilton and visit Times Square. Enjoy the beaches of Hawaii. Grab some budget tickets to Europe and experience the Eiffel Tower.

Rent someone else’s timeshare (maintenance fee free!)

Many people buy timeshares because they love the amenities provided by resorts. But guess what? You can enjoy all the timeshare bells and whistles without the ever-increasing burden of fees.

Go out to dinner.

For what you’re spending on maintenance fees, you can go ahead and get that second glass of wine and an appetizer. And for $1000, you and your spouse could check out all the hot spots your town offers. Or treat your family to something really special.

Pay down your credit cards.

Paying off your credit card balances not only saves you money on interest fees but also improves your credit score. Lenders love to see a low credit to utilization ratio. Get ready to see your credit score improve. Good credit opens so many doors, and paying down your cards is one key.

Save for College

$1000 invested annually in a 529 or similar fund will grow over time and offset the growing cost of a college education. We know you want to spoil your kids and grandkids with toys and other flashy gifts, but they’ll thank you in 20 years when they don’t have to take out so much debt for their education.

If you miss those fees, you could always buy another timeshare for a dollar. That’s right: $1. That sales price is a sobering reminder that timeshares aren’t going to increase in value over time. So as always, buyer beware. That $1 is going to buy you right back into those maintenance fees.

What do you do with the money you used to spend on maintenance fees? Comment below or like us on Facebook to join the conversation.

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