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Timeshare intervals are one of the most important factors of timeshare ownership. Find out what they are before you buy.

As the saying goes, the first three rules of traditional real estate are location, location, location. But when it comes to timeshares, timeshare intervals come in a very close fourth. Find out what you need to know about intervals and how they affect your timeshare experience.

What Are Timeshare Intervals?

Timeshare intervals are the time period during which you can access your timeshare. Standard intervals are one week long, most often from Saturday to Saturday. Click here for a list of timeshare intervals for 2019. With a fixed week timeshare, you’re locked into the same week forever. If you have a floating week or points-based timeshare, you may end up with a different interval from year to year. More on that below.

What Are the Best Timeshare Intervals?

Not all timeshare intervals are created equal. Red weeks are the highly sought after peak season intervals. You know, the best weeks. Some red weeks are red weeks for all resorts. For example, Thanksgiving and Christmas are always in demand. Other peak times vary from resort to resort. While a ski resort’s peak weeks would revolve around snow, a beach resort would revolve around warm weather. But whatever your resort considers peak times, those red weeks will be more expensive and harder to get.

Do Intervals Affect Exchanges?

With a fixed week timeshare, your interval is stable. However, if you have a floating week timeshare, points-based timeshare, or are participating in an exchange, you’ll need to know about the relative value of timeshare intervals. First, peak intervals are notoriously difficult to reserve. If you’re dreaming of Christmas at the beach, book as soon as you can—and good luck to you. It’s not an easy feat! Second, if you’re looking to exchange your week, it’ll be much easier if you have a good interval. Finally, you may need to buy more points or pay extra to get those in-demand intervals.

Do Intervals Affect Rentals?

Your interval is a key factor in timeshare rental. Red weeks will obviously be more sought-after and therefore easier to rent. And you’ll be able to charge more. If you see yourself wanting or needing to rent out your timeshare from time to time, then a good interval should be a main consideration before you buy. If you’re looking to rent a timeshare, expect to pay more for peak times, just like with any vacation rental. But you’ll probably find some deals in the off-season.

Do Intervals Affect Resale?

Just as your interval affects renting out your timeshare, it will also affect your ability to resell your timeshare if it no longer works for you. Once again, peak intervals will be easier to sell and bring a higher price while less attractive intervals will be more difficult. Click here for other factors that affect resale.

Is your interval working for you? Or is it no longer convenient or impossible to reserve? You don’t have to be stuck with a timeshare you can’t use. Contact us to see how we can help you exit your unwanted timeshare.

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