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    Timeshare and Timeshare Cancellation Facts

Take control with timeshare and timeshare cancellation facts.

Empowering Consumers

We believe that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer. That’s part of why we spend so much time educating our clients on timeshares and timeshare cancellation. It’s also why we keep everyone informed along the way. But don’t take our word for it! Primo’s 5-star reviews mention our focus on client education time and time again:

“[Primo] let me know exactly what would happen throughout the whole process of getting out of our timeshare . . . and spent an hour on the phone with me.” —Stefani H, Google Reviews

“[Primo] took over 90 minutes explaining everything so that I understood it well.” —Kathy O, Google Reviews

We also work to educate the general public by providing a wealth of resources and information here on our website. It’s not easy to stay informed, so we’ve collected some of our top timeshare and timeshare cancellation posts here.

Before You Buy

The best time to learn about the timeshare industry is before you buy. We work with so many clients who were fooled by scams or unscrupulous reps who didn’t give them all of the information. Check out these resources to help you make your decision.

The timeshare market is confusing! We break down the types of timeshares here.

Learn about the hidden fees of timeshares so you don’t have any financial surprises down the road.

Considering a timeshare? Check out some reasons why timeshares are a bad investment.

Still considering that timeshare? Here are 7 more reasons to just say no!

After You Buy: Timeshare Cancellation

But what if it’s already too late? You still have options. Check out these posts on getting out of your timeshare.

Should you cancel your timeshare? Find out here.

Take advantage of timeshare “cooling off” periods, or rescission periods, that let you exit your timeshare within a set time period. The length of the cooling off period varies by state. Learn how to cancel your timeshare in New York and Florida.

Concerned about your credit score? Learn about how to cancel your timeshare without ruining your credit here.

Do you qualify for timeshare cancellation? Here are some of the reasons you can use to get out of your timeshare.

Want help getting out of your timeshare? Contact us today!

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