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Timeshare Alternatives: Why You Don’t Need To Buy

timeshare alternatives

August 8, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

timeshare alternatives

Timeshares sell you the idea of vacation. But guess what? You don’t need to buy to experience an amazing vacation. Check out these timeshare alternatives.

Timeshare sales reps know the truth about timeshares: They aren’t investments. In fact, you are unlikely to ever sell your timeshare for anything close to what you paid. So, timeshare reps need to sell you something besides a real estate investment. Instead, they sell you the idea of vacation. You’re not investing in real estate. You’re investing in vacation, a way of life. Imagine! And on top of that, they sell to you while you’re on vacation and your defenses are down. And of course, they never tell you about timeshare alternatives.

You don’t need to buy a timeshare to invest in vacation. There are plenty of timeshare alternatives that give you all the benefits of timeshares without the fees, risks, and contracts in perpetuity.


Many timeshare resorts also have traditional rental units. That’s right: rent the same unit without the commitment and fees. Many people feel like they get a deal once they’ve paid off their initial cost of the timeshare, vacationing for only the cost of their maintenance fees. But check out this analysis of timeshare economics from Consumer Reports. It definitely makes timeshare alternatives attractive!

Rent Someone Else’s Timeshare

Maybe the rental rates are too expensive for you. Turns out you can also rent someone else’s timeshare unit. Many timeshare owners find themselves unable to use their timeshare. So, instead of just wasting their week and losing their maintenance fees, they rent their timeshare. You can find lots of deals with just a little searching. Try the Timeshare Users Group marketplace. For a small membership fee, you can access so many timeshare rental offers. They offer good advice on how to rent a timeshare. You can also find listings without a fee through Airbnb or similar sharing sites.

Vacation Home

Set on buying? Why not make a real investment and buy a vacation home? You’ll get all the vacation and value and your property will likely increase over time. You’ll also be able to finance as you would a traditional mortgage, which is an option many timeshares don’t offer.

Travel Deals

Travel deals abound! Check out any discount travel site for great deals on all kinds of vacations. Scott’s Cheap Flights, and Kayak are good places to start. However, sometimes travel “deals” turn out to be travel scams. As always, it’s buyer beware when it comes to travel.

Vacation State of Mind

It turns out you don’t need to go anywhere to embrace the vacation state of mind. You can make vacation wherever you are. Consider the staycation, where you act like a tourist in your hometown. No airfare or long car trips with the kids asking how much longer. Open your door and there you are. And at the end of the day, relax in your own bed. We think staycations are a great alternative to costly timeshares and maintenance fees.

Smart Timeshare Ownership

If you still feel that a timeshare is for you, make sure to buy with your head and not your heart. And remember, a timeshare will not increase in value over time. Instead, you may find yourself attempting to sell your $20,000 timeshare for $1 on eBay. Already bought and regretting it? We can help. Contact us for a free consultation. Once you’re free of your timeshare, you can get on with your vacations without the maintenance fees!


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