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Timeshares Biggest Advantage; Time and Location Of Property

why not to get your timeshare

September 24, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

why not to get your timeshare

Ask 80% of people if they would ever get a timeshare and they would probably laugh at you. Another 10% would say they weren’t sure and the other 10% would say sure. For a lot of people, timeshare is not a dirty word. In fact, they love their experience. That’s not because they are right, and the rest are wrong. It’s because they got lucky and found a company that is very honest and delivers on what they promised. Millions of other people aren’t as lucky.

Yes, there are honest and fair timeshare companies who offer affordable rates and great service to their clients. Those resorts are not familiar with companies like Primo Management Group because they simply do not have to deal with them because their clients are happy. It’s the resorts that used tricks, aggressive sales tactics and more that need to be aware of our services because those are the ones we fight on behalf of our clients.

With all the information and criticism about timeshares, why do people keep getting them. It’s simple really, actually brilliant. These resorts sell you on their biggest advantage, their available time and location. Let’s say you love going to Orlando over the winter for a week or two but because that’s in the middle of their season hotel rates are really expensive. These resorts promise you a chance to own a spot during that time and at an affordable rate. Why would you not sign up?

Because you really don’t own anything and furthermore, you aren’t in a position to get out of the deal if you want to go somewhere else next year. They will tell you that you can sell your week to someone else but the chances of finding someone are very slim. That’s why, if you’ve made the mistake of signing up and you want out, you need to contact us today.


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