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There’s No Such Thing As A Free Vacation

December 27, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Timeshares like to get people in the door by offering them a free vacation. If you can get to their resort, you can stay for a weekend or even a week depending on the offer, for free. This includes free food, drinks and more. Think about this for a moment, they know that you are going to be reluctant to sign up for anything. So, why are they still so happy to offer you a free vacation?

Imagine if hotels did that. Your first night’s stay with them is completely free. That would be nice, and you would trust a promotion like that. Why? Because you’ve heard of their business, you’ve seen commercials, you can read plenty of reviews about them online and you also know people who have stayed there. So, why not use that same logic when deciding whether or not to check out a timeshare?

You go online to research this resort and you cannot find anything. No reviews, no information about their business and so forth. Does that make you feel confident in them? Shouldn’t a company with millions of dollars in properties have some information about them online? Let’s go back to the offer, a free weekend. That’s a great offer but how can they afford that?

The answer is simple, that’s their marketing strategy. Get you in the door, get you to start saying yes and then hit you with the hard sales tactics. It’s not a new strategy. The only thing new about it is the tactics they try when they offer you the free weekend.

If you are trying to decide whether or not the free weekend you are being offered is legit then consider this, why haven’t the hotels or established resorts offered you the same promotion. Don’t they want your business as well? Sometimes the word free comes with the most expensive price tag of them all. Consider that when you get that email or letter in the mail.


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