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Summer Timeshare Dangers for 2019

Cancel Timeshare In Florida

May 13, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Cancel Timeshare In Florida

Watch out for these summer timeshare dangers in 2019.

Kids across the country are looking forward to summer vacation. And for some families, it’s the perfect time for that summer timeshare getaway. Unfortunately, not all summer timeshare vacations go as planned. Here are some dangers to watch out for this year.


Sometimes resorts book more than one person into a single room. This can happen by accident as a result of technical problems and glitches. For example, if more than one person is making a reservation at the same time, a lagging reservation system may allow both to come through. However, some unscrupulous timeshare resorts may overbook on purpose to maximize profits.

When a resort overbooks, you and your family may find themselves without a place to stay when they arrive. Imagine arriving after a long day of travel with kids in tow. Everyone is tired and hungry and ready to jump into the pool. But you don’t have anywhere to stay. Hopefully, the resort will do everything they can to make it right and find you accommodations elsewhere.

Not Enough Points

Some families trying to make summer timeshare plans will be disappointed to learn they don’t have enough points. This is especially common for owners hoping to try a new resort within their timeshare network. Unfortunately, not all resorts and all intervals require the same amount of points. So, even though you bought into a points-based timeshare for the flexibility, there’s no guarantee.

If you’re lucky, you can buy additional points for one-time use for an additional fee. Or you could upgrade your plan to one that covers more resorts. Of course, upgrades are permanent and will likely be expensive and come with higher maintenance fees. Unfortunately, if you can’t find a reservation covered by your points and you can’t afford more points or an upgrade, you may not get to use your points at all. Too bad you’ll still be on the hook for your maintenance fees.

Aging Properties

Deeded timeshare companies sell you on a lifetime of vacations in the same place. Going to the same place is a great way to build memories and consistency in your family. However, what if you return to your beloved summer timeshare vacation falls into disrepair? Broken appliances, dirty carpets, and poorly cleaned pools aren’t the stuff of memories.

It’s completely normal for properties to age over time. After all, we’re all getting older every day. Hopefully, your resort will properly budget for repairs and upgrades. But more and more legacy resorts face major repairs, dwindling revenue, and fast-approaching sunset clauses. And that can be bad news for you if you’re stuck in a deeded timeshare.

If these or other issues are ruining your summer timeshare plans, you do have options. Contact Primo Management Group today to find out how we can help you get out of your unwanted timeshare. Our free consultation will answer all of your questions. Sign up today!

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