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The New Trick Timeshares Are Using To Get You In

tricks by timeshare companies

October 3, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

tricks by timeshare companies

Timeshares are aware of the bad rep they have in the industry. Most people stay away from them because they know that people have not been happy with their deal. So, why does the industry still thrive? The same reason pyramid schemes still make money, because they retool, revamp, rebrand and give themselves an entirely new identity. So, what’s the new trick that these timeshares are using to get people in and for long-term agreements?

Stay at our fabulous resort!

That’s it, they have rebranded and now call themselves resorts. It’s that simple but it’s a brilliant move as people who are wary of the timeshare name are being fooled to sign up with the same marketing pitch, the same gimmicks, just a different name for the location. Remember, the only reason most people are hesitant to sign with a time share is because they’ve heard negative things about them. If you asked them what’s so bad about them, most couldn’t tell you more than one or two things because they have no idea.

So, all these companies had to do was rebrand and suddenly thousands of people were interested in the new deals and wanted to learn more. The marketing is done brilliantly. They invite you in for a free weekend and all they try to do is give you information so that you make your own decision, or so you think. When you are enjoying a free vacation in a beautiful place, why wouldn’t you sign up to enjoy more of it? These resorts are designed to keep you happy and are located in areas where you can enjoy yourself and time with your family. They also are not shy about free extras because again, if you are happy with your experience, it’s a much easier sell for you.

Next, many of these companies are actually practicing less aggressive tactics. This passive-aggressive approach almost makes you worried that you are going to miss out on such a great deal. This was implemented because people were becoming aware of the fact that if these salespeople were using aggressive tactics to make a sale, then it probably isn’t worth it. That’s why you need to be aware of the new tactics and tricks they use so that you do not fall for the mistake of signing up with a timeshare in disguise. Thousands of people do every year, don’t make that mistake.


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