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How To Avoid The Timeshare Plunge And Still Travel

timeshares and traveling

June 17, 2019 – by James Cox

timeshares and traveling

Our motivation to travel has changed from 20 years ago. Back then, television commercials and word of mouth motivated us to see the world. Now, we are constantly hounded by friends posts on social media, photographers sharing amazing sites and so forth. As we sit at our desks at work and scroll through countless pictures of friends and family enjoying life, we wonder two things, do these people even work? Also, when is it going to be our turn to live life? 

You can call it jealously but really the fact is that you’ve worked hard, and you need a break, not just from work but from your routine. You’ve earned a vacation and you know exactly where you would like to go. The problem is it’s also the same time everyone else wants to go there and that means increase hotel rates, lots of traffic and less fun. So, how do you avoid this and still enjoy your vacation?

How Timeshares Sucker You In

Rather than allowing you the chance of looking for better alternatives, timeshare companies like to utilize a psychological tactic where you are making a decision based on experience, not facts. People think that these companies use free theme park tickets and vacations as a way of luring you in when in reality, they are simply trying to create an enjoyable environment that you want to continue to experience as often as possible.

When are you most likely to eat ice cream, on the way home from the gym, at 9 am in the morning, or right after you’ve had a few slices of pizza and are watching television? That’s the same mindset timeshare companies utilize. They do not ask you to make a decision when you have just arrived or in the middle of your vacation, they wait until you are happy and want to continue being happy.

Better Ways To Travel

Obviously, these methods are effective otherwise, these companies would not generate the kind of money they have been. However, if your goal is to travel more and you are looking for ways to do so without signing up for a timeshare, consider these options for a budget-friendly trip:

Everyone has a different situation when it comes to travel interests, time, budget and so forth. However, one thing everyone should understand is that there are affordable alternatives to timeshares that need to be explored and if you made the mistake of getting into one, you need to get out as soon as possible.

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