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Haunted Hotels to Give You the Chills

Haunted Hotels to give you the chills

October 31, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

Haunted Hotels to give you the chills

Take your ghost tourism experience to the next level and stay in one of these haunted hotels!

Once upon a time, people avoided haunted houses and graveyards. But now people clamor to visit all things haunted, spooky and ghostly. You can, of course, take an afternoon ghost tour of countless haunted places across the country. Or take it to the next level and stay at one of these haunted hotels, if you dare!

Hotel Galvez and Spa

The Hotel Galvez and Spa in Galveston, TX is “REALLY a haunted hotel!” according to one Trip Advisor reviewer. “7 of our group had REAL ghost encounters. One guy even filmed it and captured his dresser drawer opening all by itself. He said the drawer was open when he came in from bathroom 3 times and finally he closed it and filmed it slowly opening.” And they aren’t the only ones. Many people have reported supernatural encounters at the Galvez throughout the years. The Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab investigated the hotel.

So, who haunts the Galvez? The most famous ghost is the lovelorn lady. Audra stayed in the hotel while her fiance was at sea. She hung herself in grief when she thought his ship was lost. Alas, he did ultimately return for her. Supposedly, she causes the cold breezes and strange lights and interferes with the hotel’s key cards. Other spirits include a nun named Sister Katherine and phantom children.

Tip: Stay in room 501, supposedly the hotel’s most haunted room, where the lovelorn lady hung herself in despair.

The Stanley Hotel

When you hear the words haunted hotels, chances are you think of Stephen King’s Overlook Hotel from the horror classic The Shining. The Overlook itself is long gone (and fictional), but The Stanley Hotel inspired the novel—and you can stay there.

Since 1909, visitors have flocked to the Stanley, and rumor has it, some of them have stuck around. Listen for ghostly piano music or maniacal laughter drifting through the halls. For maximum ghostliness, check out the hotel’s spirited rooms “with high paranormal activity including the famous Stephen King Suite 217, the Ghost Hunters’ favorite room 401, as well as 407, and 428.” If you can’t snag a spirited room, you can still book a Night Spirit tour.

Tip: Stay in a Spirited Room or take a Night Spirit Tour.

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

What better place to find haunted timeshares and hotels than in one of America’s most haunted cities? The Dauphine Orleans Hotel in New Orleans’ French Quarter certainly delivers the supernatural. According to the hotel, the hauntings “vary from Civil War soldiers to their well-dressed ‘ladies of the evening.’ In the late 1890s and early 1900s, May Baily’s was one of the better-known bordellos in the wildly infamous red-light district known as Storyville. . . Today May Baily’s Place serves as the hotel bar for the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, where guests and employees have reported hauntings and sightings.” Guests and staff have seen a female entity dancing in the courtyard and a creole solder wandering that same courtyard in uniform.

Tip: If you don’t find what you’re looking for at the Dauphine, you can find the supernatural right outside any door in the French Quarter.

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(Stanley Hotel Image Source: Pixabay)


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