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How To Spot A Good Timeshare Deal, If Possible

December 19, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Yes, we are a company that specializes in getting you out of timeshares. However, for the sake of being fair we do admit that there are some companies that actually offer their clients reliable service at fair prices. However, it’s hard to find these companies, especially when you are stuck with them for a weekend and getting the hard sales tactics. If you are sold on getting a timeshare, then at least look for these trends when trying to pick one for you and your family.

No Hard Sell

If the company that’s offering you an agreement is reliable, they do not have to give you a hard sales pitch. They will be patient with you, answer any questions you have and make sure that you are aware of everything that goes with the agreement so that you do not have any regrets on making the purchase.

No Time Limit On Signing

Yes, they want you to sign now but the company also understands that this is a major decision for you and your family. Reliable companies will give you plenty of time to look over the agreement, do some homework on what they have to offer and go from there. They will even be ok with you contacting your legal counsel to go over the agreement and make sure it’s fair for you.

Great Online Reviews Of Company

When you research the company do you find anything on them? Good or bad? If you do not find anything on them then do not work with them. The reason is because they are a fly-by-night company and will probably not be around or work under a different name down the road. Real companies that do great work by their customers stand by their name and will put it out there and there will be plenty of reviews from customers who back that.

Multiple Locations

Companies that do things the right way are not going to just have one location. They are going to have multiple locations throughout the state and even the country. Again, if you cannot find info about the timeshare company and they do not have locations around the country, then do not do business with them.

If the company you’re working with checks all these boxes that you can feel a bit more confident that they are a reliable team to work with. Otherwise, say thank you for their time and move on from them.  


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