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Looking for a DIY how to cancel a timeshare contract? You won’t find it. Unfortunately, this is a search that is going to lead you to companies trying to trick you into reading their blogs, signing up for a cheap option that will help them make a quick buck and still leave you in the exact same situation you are in right now, only you’ve wasted more time and money. Timeshares aren’t like other real estate matters. For example, if you rent an apartment or home and you want to break the lease, in most cases all you have to do is move out and stop paying. You won’t get your security deposit back, but you’re prepared for that.

As far as owning a home, you can get out of that as well by moving out and filing for foreclosure. The bank isn’t happy about this, but they can take back the property once you’ve stopped paying your mortgage. Timeshares work differently because you aren’t technically renting, you aren’t living there and there is no equity. Their focus isn’t on the property, it’s on the agreement you signed with them. Their goal is to keep you paying for as long as possible and that’s why it can be extremely challenging to find accurate information on how to cancel your contract. The reason there is no Do It Yourself option for cancelling a timeshare agreement is because you aren’t dealing with the people who sold you the timeshare, you are dealing with a major corporation that owns this and probably dozens of other resorts all over the world. They are often backed by an experienced legal team who made these contracts hard to get out of and they will make it even harder for you to leave the agreement.

Primo Management Group understands your frustration and why you want to find out how to cancel a timeshare contract. You may have been tricked into an agreement with these companies and you want out. While they were not upfront with you or gave you unreliable information on the property, costs, rules, selling your time or something else, they do have the ability to hold you to your agreement, especially if you’ve taken out a mortgage.

Let’s face it, the idea that a blog article or little program that you can buy online will help you get out of these contracts simply isn’t realistic. In order to cancel any timeshare agreement, the right way, you’ll need legal expertise, professional guidance, and assistance. This is why you need to work with a company that truly knows what they are doing and has all the required resources to assist you in legally getting out of the timeshare agreement. Furthermore, you need someone who can keep you informed and prepared throughout the process. Even for the best timeshare cancellation companies, trying to cancel a timeshare contract isn’t going to be easy. It takes several months or longer depending on your situation. That’s why, you cannot get started without a free consultation because the company you work with has to know what your situation is before things can begin.

There’s no quick fix, but if you do everything right, you will get out of the timeshare agreement and be free of it once and for all. If you are tired of wasting time and money, give us a call and get your free consultation on how to finally get out of your agreement today.


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