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Beware: 5 Scary Timeshare Tactics

Beware 5 Scary Timeshare Tactics

October 26, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

Beware 5 Scary Timeshare Tactics

Don’t fall prey to these scary timeshare tactics!

Timeshare nightmares are common throughout the industry. We spend our days helping victims of timeshare sales scams and if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s to beware of timeshare presentations. Enter if you dare!!! In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gathered together stories of scary timeshare tactics that put other ghosts stories to shame.

They Trap You

Like the Hotel California, it’s hard if not impossible to leave a timeshare presentation. Although you agreed to stay for 90 minutes to get your incentive, many timeshare victims report being trapped in the presentation. Susie and Pete High of Auburn, CA, endured an 8-hour timeshare presentation! Make sure you know your rights. You can leave whenever you want. And you can definitely leave without buying a timeshare.

They Starve You

Many consumers report being deprived of food or drink during a timeshare presentation. Imagine not just being trapped in the presentation, but being hungry and thirsty on top of that. Talk about scary! According to the Highs, their rep gave them beer and wine instead of water. Unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t help people make good decisions.

Burying (the Truth)

And even if you aren’t hungry or thirsty or drunk, it can be hard to make informed decisions. In fact, timeshare sales reps often have skeletons in their closets—and they want to keep them there. One scary timeshare tactic is hiding the truth about the deal. Some companies even go so far as to hide important documents in a secret compartment of their portfolio.

They Don’t Give You Your Treat

There are countless stories of consumers who attended timeshare presentations but did not receive their incentive. That’s even worse than getting a toothbrush when you’re out trick-or-treating. In fact, some consumers have even had to go to court to get their treat. Make sure your reps deliver on their offer or you’re entitled to take them to court.

They Convince You to Buy a Timeshare You Don’t Want

Maybe the scariest thing that can happen at a timeshare presentation is that you buy a timeshare you don’t want or can’t use—and it follows you to your grave! Trapped in a timeshare nightmare? Then we can help. Think of us as the ghost hunters of the timeshare world. We’ll provide a free consultation and explain how we can help. If you decide it’s time to escape your timeshare, we’ll do everything we can to help you. Our customers report happy endings to their stories.

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