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6 Awesome Timeshare Resources

6 Awesome Timeshare Resources

July 30, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

6 Awesome Timeshare Resources

If any industry deserves to be labeled “buyer beware,” it’s the timeshare industry. Read on for timeshare resources to help you protect yourself!

Since day one, timeshares have engaged in high-pressure and misleading sales practices. It’s no wonder they have to lure potential customers with “free” gifts and prizes. That’s why we’ve created a list of timeshare resources to help prospective buyers and sellers avoid scams.

The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, non-profit member-based organization that works to foster “honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers—instilling consumer confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all” (Source: Better Business Bureau). Founded in 1912, the BBB is an organization of over 100 groups across the US. They provide a wide range of information for consumers, including a lot of information on the timeshare industry. Before you do business with any resort, contractor, resale firm or exit company, make sure to check their BBB profile. And what you’ll find about many timeshare companies isn’t pretty. If you do decide to do business with a company with a poor grade, at least you’ll go in with your eyes wide open.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is “an independent, nonprofit organization that works side by side with consumers for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace. We use our rigorous research, consumer insights, journalism, and policy expertise to inform purchase decisions, improve the products and services that businesses deliver, and drive regulatory and fair competitive practices.” (Source: Consumer Reports).

CR has long been a reputable source for marketplace information of all kinds. Subscribe to their magazine or check out their many online resources on timeshares.

Timeshare Users Group

Timeshare Users Group is the first and largest site dedicated to providing timeshare resources to owners and prospective buyers. You’ll find articles, a marketplace, and an online forum. TUG is a rich source of information and community. And check here before you buy for tips on getting the best deals and avoiding scams. They have a lot of free content or you can join for a small fee to access all features.


Interested in buying a timeshare? Only have $1? You’re in luck. Check eBay. On any given day, you’ll find hundreds of timeshares for $1. And many are offering other incentives such as free closing costs and more. Before you buy from a resort or developer, check out eBay. Of course, you will want to ask yourself why so many people are essentially giving away their timeshares…and you might want to imagine how you could recoup your losses if you decided to try and resell a timeshare.

Google Reviews

Check reviews here before you do business with any timeshare resort or developer. While many people are happy with their timeshare experience, this industry is well-known for those who are quite dissatisfied. Although there are many review sites, some of which we’ve mentioned, Google reaches so many people. Do your due diligence and see what others have to say! It may save you thousands!

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