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A business builds trust by doing things the right way. Every time.

With trust comes positive reviews. When you’ve fought for hundreds of people who have been pressured and scammed into a timeshare purchase—and gotten them out of that timeshare contract—you earn that trust.

Here are some of our REAL 5-star reviews which have helped us earn an “A” - Excellent - rating from the Business Consumer Alliance:

Ruth Gillis

We used our Time Share once, my husband's cancer got worse and could no longer go there! We tried other companies that promised to sell our Time Share that either did not, or said they could not afer taking our money...many months later. Then we found Primo Management Group! What an outstanding company that did everything they could to relieve us of a real burden. As a widow now, it was refreshing to find a safe place to do business that didn't take advantage of you. They kept me informed each money until they were able to relieve me of this expense. The friendly, efficient people sure know what they are doing at Primo Management Group!!

Google Review Posted May 2022


Check out Ruth's official timeshare release document:


Bernard J. Milliner

My experience with Primo Management Group, have been excellent. From the very start this group was confident that they could and would solve our case. Everyone at the group are very professional and kept us well informed of the progress with our case every month. I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in resolving our issues with Holiday Inn Club Vacations. Primo Management Group, is definitely a five star business. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to get rid of their TIME SHARE CONTRACT!!!!!

Google Review Posted June 2022


Check out Bernard's official timeshare release document:


Lynn Powell

Primo Management Group was exceptional, professional, supportive and willing to help us resolve our time share dilemma that we recently had. They were always so helpful, and assisted us in a timely manner with each step. All of the specialists that we talked to were always friendly, helpful, and professional. We commend their expertise and highly recommend consulting Primo to anyone with problems with their time share.

Google Review Posted March 2022


Check out Lynn's official timeshare release document:


Ellen Fioravanti

Our experience with Primo Management was exceptional. They walked us through all the steps to exit our timeshare. Whenever I had a concern they were quick to get back to me, either with an email or phone call. I highly recommend their group if you are looking for an exit.

BBB Review Posted October 2021


Check out Ellen's official timeshare release document:


Jared Gladden

Primo is the real deal! They helped me and my wife get out of our timeshare with ease. They are honestly a wonderful company to work with and I could not be happier with the results of having my timeshare canceled.

BBB Review Posted October 2021


Check out Jared's official timeshare release document:


Maria Luiza Schwantes

I was very scared spending more money on a company that says they can help me with my Time Shares, so I looked everywhere and there are a lot of places that says they can help me, but Primo had no bad reviews and thank god I found them. I am thrilled to say that they were amazing, even during the pandemic which I was scared that they could go out of business, but they were always there helping me. I want to thank you all for the amazing service, I wish you all an amazing life. Thanks so much, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to finally say I no longer have a time share.

BBB Review Posted March 2021


Check out Maria's official timeshare release document:

Kathleen Nelson

We were anxious to get out of our Capital Vacations timeshare, but were leery of dumping more money into being scammed again. After checking reviews and talking with their staff, we decided to go with Primo Management Group. We were very pleased with their service! We received monthly updates, even when nothing had really happened during the month. (This is a very lengthy process, but we were prepared for that.) We received timely responses to all our questions via email. We are happy to report we are no longer owners with Capital Vacations!

BBB Review Posted January 2021


Check out Kathleen's official timeshare release document:

Beverly J.

All workers always knew about my account
I was nervous at first looking for a way out of our timeshare. Heard so many scary stories of being scammed. I said a prayer and found Primo Management Group. SO GLAD I DID! Every time I called them, I spoke to people in America! Every person that picked up the phone knew exactly what was going on with my account. Every person that helped me showed sincere concern and helped me right away. I wish all companies had such good service. Can't recommend this group enough! Even after exit interview, they said they would continue to help me as I keep getting unwanted calls from the timeshare.

BBB Review Posted February 2021


Check out Beverly's official timeshare release document:

Dorothy Edwards

Our experience with PMG has been a wonderfully satisfying experience. The PMG representatives were always responsive to our inquires. They were always courteous and always knowledgeable of the task at hand and the steps required to help us. The outstanding customer service representatives at PMG provided us all the information that we needed as well as the peace of mind we needed as they led us out of our entanglement with the Holiday in Time share. Thank you PMG.

BBB Review Posted January 2021


Check out Dorothy's official timeshare release document:

Ekaterina Evenko

Amazing! They got me out of my timeshare in less than 9 months. The communication was very clear. Every person that I interacted with was very professional and most importantly, we got to the finishing line. Also, they are helping me to fix my credit report damaged by the time share scammers. HIGHLY recommend.

Posted May 2020

Check out Ekaterina's official timeshare release document:

Jessica Sachs

I was skeptical about signing up for another service regarding anything having to do with a Time Share, however....We are OFFICIALLY out of our time share. We started the process in August and I received the release documentation from Marriott in February (7 month process.) I would highly recommend Primo Management Group.

Posted May 2020

Check out Jessica's official timeshare release document:

Frank K. Thomas

They were extremely helpful...from the way they communicated to the friendliness of their associates. I HIGHLY recommend them if you are in need of dealing with a vacation membership.

Posted April 2020

Check out Frank's official timeshare release document:

Diane Paley Davis

We almost used another company to help us get out of our time share contract, and I'm so glad we decided to use Primo Management Group instead. First of all, their fee was less than half of what the other company was going to charge. With the other company, there was a lot of work we would be required to do on our own. Primo's representatives walked us through the entire process and did all the work involved. They kept in touch with us every step of the way and got it done. It did take several months for everything to go through, but it was well worth it. I highly recommend this company.

Posted April 2020

Check out Diane's official timeshare release document:

Shing Yiing Ong

I managed to exit my timeshare in EXACTLY A YEAR, just like what they promised. At first, I thought I got an amazing deal owning a vacation resort, only to find out that most of the times That I want to travel is either “fully booked” or they open up in other website for a cheaper rate. Every time I visit the resort, there’s always “AN HOUR OF WELCOME BS BREAKFAST” and then it turns into an upgrade your timeshare presentation. I am so sick of it. I decided to trust Primo. They handled everything from beginning to the end! I don’t even have to deal with anything. All I did was to send them any documents that my resort sends me. Finally, after a year, I AM FREE FROM MY TIMESHARE! I got the letter from my resort saying that I am no longer with them! If you want to exit your timeshare, please contact Primo!

Posted April 2020

Check out Shing's official timeshare release document:

Heather Arsenault

I AM FREE! Thank you, Primo for helping me with this whole process. It was rough, but I felt confident with your team of experts by my side. You guys took a heavy burden off my back and I will highly recommend your services to any one who should ever need them. Thank you again, Team!

Posted April 2020

Check out Heather's official timeshare release document:

Bonnita Bradley

By nature, I’m a skeptic when it comes to paying upfront fees for services. Well, Primo Management Group delivered on every promise and got my timeshare canceled in less than two months. LAY was awesome, and I can’t thank her enough for making the process so seamless. She was professional, informative, diligent and extremely pleasant with timely responses. I encourage anyone who’s looking to cancel their timeshare to contact the Primo Team. They are truly a blessing!!

Posted December 2018

Check out Bonnita’s official timeshare release document:

Matthew Buscher

Mark and Miriam have been helping me get rid of this mistake I’ve made. They both told me to stay calm and it will be taken care of in time. For now I will give PMG 4 stars, until I am for sure out of this mess along with any credit repair(s) that I may take a hit upon this process. Then I will change from 4 to 5. Update: They helped me get out it. It was a relief to finally be out of that mess. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks a lot.

Posted September 2018

Check out Matthew’s official timeshare release document:

Earle Kimble (BBB)

Dear Lay I am writing in reference to the above file for time share exit. It appears that I have successfully achieved exit from the fantasy timeshare resort. I wish to thank you for your support in guidance during the entire process. I found you to be extremely professional and knowledgeable regarding the development and execution of the exit plan. I was impressed with your customer service skills and availability when I needed to reach you It was a pleasure working with you in the Primo management group is fortunate to have you as part of their organization. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of this service. Please feel comfortable to share this email with your supervisor. Best of luck with your professional career. Sincerely Earle K*****

Posted August 2018


Check out Earle's official timeshare release document:

William L Lindsey

Primo Management Group (PMG) was a God-send for my wife and me. We were "wrangled" into a time-share that we couldn't afford. The promises were so luscious-sounding and enticing - "vacations anywhere in the world" where they have other customers owning a share of their properties. For a mere pittance we could have dream vacations for a few dollars per week. After more pressure and "reassurances" about how great this would be for us and our children when we die, we signed. Months later we found out we were paying property taxes, maintenance fees, club membership fees, finance charges, collection fees, operating assessments, reserve assessments, even "voluntary contributions." Then, when I called the company, I was told they would not take back or sell the property for me. I took that to mean "you are stuck with all this mess." We couldn't sell it back. Then came the "threats" of foreclosure, fees and negative credit reports. Then I began our search for a way out of this predicament. It eventually led us to PMG. After reading their online statement of their purpose and history, I called and spoke with David first. He was very straightforward and positive with us. He explained how PMG operated and the work they do could benefit us. Eventually, we spoke and worked with other personnel there; Israel, Lay, Miriam and several others whose name escapes me at present. Their positive attitude gave my wife and I a lot of hope in escaping this web. It has taken about a year to get to the end of this financial nightmare, but there is a good-sized light at the end of this tunnel now. The PMG staff hung tough with us. PMG's support for us and our plight is so reassuring that there are folks and businesses out there that can help in a LOT of situations. This old 100% disabled veteran can now rest easier that PMG has come through for us. The price they charge is worth every penny paid to them because of the result, which is "just around the corner" for us. My hat is off to them and we highly recommend their services to anyone who has found themselves in a financial fiasco as we did. *****, five stars from us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts PMG! THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERRRRR!!!

Posted August 2018


Check out William's official timeshare release document:

Sunita Malhotra

WE feel finally FREE & relieved now after getting our timeshare Vacation Ownership returned back to the Developer in Orlando. We had it for 20 long years and had tried to return it directly to them several times, but were unsuccessful. Finally we have done it legally, thanks to the efficient and caring team of Primo Management Group (PMG ) and specially Miriam Alequin, the Customer Service Manager and Lay Bird, the Account Manager, who guided us step by step and were with us till the end answering our queries very promptly. I had got in touch with PMG in Oct 2017 and finally heard from my timeshare Resort offering the documents to Deed back my timeshare in March, 2018. Then after sending all the required documents to my timeshare Resort, the process was completed and finalized legally in September 2018.

Posted September 2018


Check out Sunita's official timeshare release document:

Cynthia Mcgill

The Primo Management Group were very helpful assisting with my exit from my timeshare. They took time to explain the process, were professional and very caring. They contacted me throughout the process with updates and if I needed anything or had questions I could reach out to them at any time and would always connect with someone on my team. I am very pleased with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of their assistance in exiting a timeshare.

Posted September 2018


Check out Cynthia's official timeshare release document:

Steve Salins

I really couldn't believe that they could get me out of my timeshare. They really did and they were very professional about it. You do have to do some work yourself, but it was not that bad. I would highly recommend PMG if you really need to get out of your timeshare.

Posted December 2018


Check out Steve's official timeshare release document:

Joan S.

PMG helped us dispose of our timeshare, amounting to a contract of over $83,000, which we had been informed was impossible. My husband is retiring soon, and I have had some serious health problems, which made it very difficult to pay the monthly installments and maintenance fee. We realized it would soon become impossible. What a relief to have that burden lifted! Great people to work with. Wayne and Joan S******

BBB Review Posted July 2018


Check out Joan's official timeshare release document:

Thelma Jenkins

This truly has been a great experience dealing with Primo Group to finally get out of our time share unit. They did all they stated to began the process to get me out of our time share along with follow up on the process until the job was completed. Excellent source to get out of your time share.

BBB Review Posted July 2018


Check out Thelma Jenkins official timeshare release document:

La Behena / Realtor eXp Reality

I did hire Primo Management last year because I was trying to get out of my time share that I was never able to use or sale. I do want to mention that previously I did hire an other company promising to sell my time share and never did and I find out it was a scam . In the beginning I was very squeptical to hire them but at the same time I really wanted to get out of my time share and honestly I don't regret hiring them since they were very professional, efficient and trusting company to work with. Now finally I am out of my timeshare thanks to primo management.

BBB Review Posted July 2018


Check out La Behena / Realtor eXp Reality official timeshare release document:


Don't overthink it do it Primo Management Group does exactly what it offers and you will be free from your time share like they promise. All of their consultants are professionals and are there for you to answer any questions you might have along the way. You can't go wrong with Primo Management Group.

BBB Review Posted July 2018


Check out Drea official timeshare release document:

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We know how stressful timeshare contracts can be. What once sounded like a dream resort package turned into a nightmare. When you don't know where to turn, look to PMG to relieve you.
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We pride ourselves on open, honest, and frequent communication with our clients. We're here to help you every step of the way, and end the nightmare of an unwanted timeshare.

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