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    How Timeshares Mask Their Reputation From Consumers

How Timeshares Mask Their Reputation From Consumers

Timeshares are considered bad, aren’t they? Like a reverse mortgage, 10-day European trip package that you find online, electronics that are sold for a fraction of the price of what the original manufacturer sells them at and so forth, there’s a very negative reputation about these promotions and businesses, yet they continue to not only stay in business but thrive. Yes, they are thriving, and these resorts generate billions of dollars every year throughout the year. How can that be? How can an industry with such a bad rep have such a great deal of success? It comes down to one very simple thing, marketing.

When these companies approach you it’s because you meet several qualifications or parameters that they are looking for in clients. First, you have enough income to cover the costs. Second, you like to travel and especially travel to destinations where they have resorts available. Another thing is your credit, it’s not fantastic but it’s not terrible either. That plays a big role because they know you are aware of your score and are willing to add expenses but still care that something may cause your numbers to go down. Finally, your love or interest in great deals. Yes, that’s right, they know that before they contact you that you typically spend your time trying to find affordable deals before making a big purchase.

With that information, these timeshare companies can now reach out to you and offer you something that grabs your interest. Usually it’s a free weekend at a resort and for the most part, people ignore it. However, there are some who are confident that they can take advantage of this offer and not give in to their sales tactics. You may even do some research to learn about the company you are visiting or who offered you the promotion, but you find little information about them. How is that possible? There are even good reviews in some cases, and you start to wonder if these companies are actually reliable and straight-forward with people? That’s the trick they pull on you, because the company offering you the promotion is not the one you are actually meeting with. They are a front to get you in the door and their online reputation is fabricated to build trust.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It’s the same tactic used by fake mortgage companies, roofers, fake healthcare and insurance providers, companies that sell cheap electronics and so forth. They do this because they know that whenever someone checks their reputation, if it looks solid, then half the work to generate a sale is already done. That’s why, even with a solid rep, you need to still be wary of timeshares because you may be falling into their strategy without even knowing it. Take some extra time and really dive into who you are speaking with and if they can’t show reliable businesses practices for more than four years, they are not the team to deal with and it’s best to move on.

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