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How To Prepare Timeshare Cancellation Letter

August 13, 2019 – by James Cox

How To Prepare Timeshare Cancellation Letter

If you are trying to figure out how to cancel timeshare, you are not alone. Every year, tens of thousands of people will search for information about this because they are not pleased with their current deal, the costs, the limitations of selling their time or something else. You read the fine print, you went over the documents with others or even legal counsel, but somehow there were still some things that fell through the cracks and you now are stuck with a property you do not completely own, yet the costs keep going up. The first thing to remember is that you cannot feel mad at yourself, this happens to so many people.

Let’s set the record straight as far as why you fell for a bad deal. There are good timeshares in the world, otherwise, no one would ever purchase one. Reputable companies offer affordable property to people and include reasonable deals. However, there are scam companies that are still out there and utilize aggressive sales tactics to influence your decision. As you look for information on how to cancel timeshare, you probably are wondering how you fell for this in the first place? It’s simple, rather than asking you to just buy a piece of property, these companies wined and dined you and your family. They offered free trips, food, entertainment and more. They wanted you to be happy because it influences your decision making. Why say no if you’re having a good time?

This is the tactic they use because they know that it’s the only way to convince intelligent, hardworking people that they need to overpay for a property they barely use. In some cases, it wasn’t even the initial cost of the deal that was the problem. It’s the yearly costs for maintenance and other fees that they were not upfront about that turned your view of this company into a negative one. So, now that you understand why it’s not a great deal for you and why you feel for it, the next step is to find out how to cancel timeshare. It’s not easy and it’s not something that can be done overnight.

One of the reasons people rely on Primo Management Group for assistance on how to cancel timeshare is because we are upfront about the process, set realistic expectations and offer a free consultation before we even begin. The average deal with a resort will take 3-9 months to get out of. There are things that can influence this like whether or not you have a mortgage for the property, if you have past due maintenance fees or something else. Even if you have a mortgage on the property, we can still get you out of the deal, however, it does add to the time and effort needed to get you free of this agreement. Because there are so many different types of resorts and contracts, we like to begin each case with a free consultation where we go over the details of your contractor, the type of resort we are dealing with and more. This preliminary consultation gives you an understanding of exactly what you are up against and also gives us an opportunity to identify the strategy that is needed for this particular case. That’s why, if you are interested in learning how to cancel timeshare, we strongly recommend that you take some time to research the information on our website, especially our frequently asked questions page and call us if you need any additional information. We can get you out of this deal and we are excited to work with you to make it happen.

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