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2020 New Types Of Scams To Look Out For

January 14, 2020 – by James Cox

2019 will be known as the year or the robo calls. Throughout the country, people were hit with call after call. The caller would either hang up upon you answering or it would be a recording offering you something that you immediately knew wasn’t to be trusted. Even the real people who were trying to scam you weren’t convincing and it soon became obvious if you did not recognize a number, do not answer it.

So what does 2020 have in store for us as far as scams go?

Timeshares might be throwing their hat into that ring as they have a new and aggressive strategy to get people to sign up. What is it? Low credit scores.

People with low credit scores are hanging a harder time traveling because they need to put a lot of the expenses of traveling on their credit cards which have very high interest rates. Since timeshares offer their own form of financing and do not care about your scores, they can promise luxurious vacations at an affordable rate.

Think for a moment about that. You are a dad with two kids and you have a big vacation coming up and you can’t use your credit cards but you do not want to drain your savings either. A timeshare company contacts you and offers you a big trip for free. You can stay in Orlando for the weekend and not have to pay for a hotel. All you have to do is sit through some seminars and everything is covered.

You think that will be easy and all you have to do is say no. The problem, this is going to be one of the best vacations of your life. Why is that a problem? Because you will want it to happen again and again. That’s how these companies get people to sign. You know this isn’t going to the w good deal for you when you arrive, but everything is better when it’s free.

There’s a reason these companies are making millions of dollars. They know how to get a yes out of a no. It’s not that this is a new scam, it’s who these timeshare companies are targeting that’s new. Rather than focusing on people who can afford places they are focusing on those who are struggling. Why? Because they can still get money out of you and for them, that’s all that matters.

Be ready for this and other tricks from resorts in 2020 because you can bet that they are coming. 

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