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Why December 20th, 2019 Should Be A Vacation Day For You

September 27, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Have a few vacation days saved and not sure when to use them? The calendar is giving us an advantage this year when it comes to a quick weekend getaway. Friday, December 20th doesn’t seem like anything special other than it’s the last Friday before Christmas. That’s exactly why you need to know about it. Hotels in Florida, California and other warmer-climate areas are going to see smaller bookings for that weekend as people from up north are not interested in traveling the weekend before Christmas. So, if you live in the northern states and you want to sneak in a quick weekend in Orlando, Miami, Key West or Daytona Beach, then this is the weekend you should do it.

Airlines will be charging less that weekend aware that most people will be trying to fly out Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Schools will be out for winter break, so you do not have to worry about taking your kids out of school. Hotels will be happy to fill the rooms for the weekend and they will offer breaks for your business. Attractions and venues will also be adding cheaper rates in hopes that they get a few people to sign up for that weekend as well.

Taking advantage of weekends like this is smart, not only because you can save but because you can also enjoy the area with fewer tourists around. Theme parks will probably be packed but smaller venues will not, giving you a chance to really enjoy your time with your family and decompress before the madness of the holiday week begins. It’s nice to have this quiet getaway before this happens and allows you to spend some real quality time with your family.

So, when should you book? Try to wait until mid-November or early December. These hotels and airlines will still be holding on hope that they can get full price but as the weekend gets closer, they may start to drop their rates, especially in towns with major tourism revenue like Key West. If you do your homework and plan which places you want to focus on, you should be able to get some great deals and enjoy a fun weekend in a warmer climate.


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