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Best Times To Travel To Orlando, Florida

when to travel to orlando

November 1, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

when to travel to orlando

Orlando is one of the top travel destinations in the world and throughout the year, families, individuals, couples and businesses plan trips to this small city to enjoy a variety of attractions. Years ago, the town was labeled as a place for families to go to and enjoy a nice vacation. Now, it rivals Vegas as one of the top travel destinations for businesses and adults looking to have a fun weekend. Why? What is it about this small town that is so appealing to everyone and makes them want to visit?

Let’s start with the obvious, it’s in Florida. That means nice weather most of the year and you can enjoy it in the summer, winter and so forth. Next, you can say it’s the theme parks, family-friendly environment and the fact that it’s perfectly located in the state so that you can visit other areas or visit it from other areas like Miami, Tampa and so on. How could you not like a place like that?

So, if you want to travel to this awesome place, when should you? Well that depends. Some people want to travel when there’s something exciting going on or when they have more time to enjoy their trip. Others prefer to go during the slower times of the year when there are fewer people and better deals to grab. Let’s figure that you want the better deals and that’s what we will focus on for this upcoming trip. The best times to go would be in late January to mid-February, the week after spring break ends, late August and early December. Why are those the best times to go?

Let’s start with the fact that you they are the times when kids are back in school and people with families are not planning vacations and trips. That’s a great way to get smaller crowds and better deals on things like hotels. Early December and late January allow you to enjoy cooler weather and probably a few less bugs around the city. If you live up north it may feel like late summer to you as temperatures are still in the low 70’s. Summer is tough as are any holiday weekends as people will flood the town to enjoy one of their favorite travel destinations. If you want warmer weather but are not ready to be part of any craziness, then the last week in August and the last week in April are usually pretty solid as well.  

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