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What Is a Timeshare Exit Team and What Can They Do For You

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Simply put, a timeshare exit team is usually a service that helps you get out of your timeshare. In this article, we will outline all there is to know about:

  • How to find these teams
  • What it cost
  • And what are the advantages of using such a team

People want out of their timeshares for a variety of reasons. We’ve all heard industry stories of people who were manipulated by overaggressive sales representatives into a bad purchase.

The resorts or options either turned out to not be what was originally advertised, or the timeshare became a financial burden that pushed a well-meaning family into unnecessary hardship.

Unfortunately, the timeshare industry has earned its reputation for not always being the most customer-centric after the sales process is complete.

Aside from the people who almost immediately regret their timeshare purchase, many people enjoy the vacations at their timeshares, but for whatever reason, they grow out of needing it.

Perhaps their conditions change to the point where going on regular vacations is no longer viable, or they want to sell and change their traveling strategy.

The problem with getting out of a timeshare, whether you’ve only recently purchased ownership or have help ownership for years, is that the contracts are notoriously complex and designed to keep you paying.

Exiting a timeshare isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as calling your timeshare company on the phone and telling them you want out.

Even if you do something drastic like stop making payments, they will send people after you with harassing phone calls and letters.

If you’re looking for a way out of a timeshare, a timeshare exit team could be your answer.

These companies exist to facilitate the process of the sale, donation, and other means of shedding a timeshare contract.

Often consisting of a team of lawyers, a timeshare exit team knows the ins and outs of the timeshare industry and can help you understand what your options are.

How Timeshare Exit Teams Work

timeshare exit team
A timeshare exit team can help you get out of your timeshare

Typically, timeshare exit companies work in the interests of their clients to get people out of one-sided contracts with heavy obligations.

They keep paying monthly fees for travel contracts that would either be cheaper if they booked directly or they never end up using.

We all know a friend or a family member who has a timeshare they are always trying to advertise because they can’t make their dates or don’t want to lose property availability.

While there are several different types of agreements exit companies offer their clients, you can generally expect to pay $4,000 on average for their services.

Some companies charge a flat fee while others will tie their compensation to their performance.

Many exit companies offer a refund or service guarantee, and some will only request payment after successful contract arbitration.

Finding the Right Timeshare Exit Team

The team you hire to help you get out of your timeshare ownership matters a great deal.

Timeshare companies are large businesses with a lot of resources at their disposal. They have processes down that are designed to fight back against any efforts to get out of a contract.

If you’re looking for some help, you need to ensure you hire the best possible company that will improve your chances of success.

Here are some things you should look for when interviewing a timeshare company:

  1. Do Your Research Before Making Any Calls – Before you pick up the phone, do some research online to see what’s out there. You may have exit companies locally in your area that can meet with you in person if that’s something you prefer.

    You can find companies that specialize in dealing with your specific timeshare company. They’ll have contacts inside the company and know how they operate.

    It will make dealing with a contract faster, which could save you money by not having to pay more monthly dues while the work is happening. Get on the web, look at their websites, and see what they offer.

    Narrow your search down to a few exit companies to start with and start there.
  2. Read Online Reviews – The timeshare industry has grown so large to the point where exit teams should have plenty of online reviews if they’re any good.

    Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp, and other online review services are a great place to look.

    Look for any red flags like over-promising or people who say they were taken advantage of during the process. Remember, there are likely to be one or two negative reviews for any company, and timeshare exit can be a very difficult process.

    It’s not realistic to expect a company to have a perfect record. They should, however, have a demonstrated track record of success with plenty of positive reviews from happy customers.
  3. Look for a Free Consultation – Reputable timeshare exit teams will offer you a free consultation to see whether your situation has potential.

    They won’t want to waste their time if getting out of a timeshare contract is impossible. On your consultation calls, ask about things like cost, the expected timeline, and how they communicate with clients.

    The last thing you want is to send thousands of dollars to a service only to have them not pick up the phone or respond to your emails. Avoid any exit companies that demand upfront payment or want to charge you for a consultation.
  4. Be Wary of Unrealistic Promises – People who want to get out of timeshare contracts of course want to save as much money as possible and even recoup some of the thousands of dollars they’ve put into owning their shares.

    However, be wary of any team that promises you the world and you feel like they are simply telling you what you want to hear.

    If you hire these types of companies, often what happens is, at the end of their efforts, they come to you with something much less than what they promised.

    By this point, you’ll likely accept it because you already have invested time and money into the process and the thought of starting over is exhausting.

    Go with the company that listens to your situation and gives you realistic straight talk.

What a Timeshare Exit Company Can Do for You

We’ve talked a bit about realistic expectations, but what are those and how will they affect your situation? What exactly does a timeshare exit team do?

After you’ve done the research and have chosen the best timeshare exit company for your situation, they’ll get started working on the best way for you to manage or get out of your contract.

Here are some of the solutions you can expect to see:

  • Negotiating with the Timeshare Company – Depending on market conditions, the track record of your timeshare exit company, and a host of other factors, your best option may be to have the exit company deal directly with our timeshare provider on a solution.

    They can sometimes negotiate exits that are in your best interests while also serving the interests of the timeshare company.

    If, for example, the timeshare company knows they can resell your shares quickly, they may be open to making arrangements.

    Seasoned timeshare exit teams will know how likely this outcome is and will be able to guide you through the process.
  • Selling Your Timeshare – If selling your timeshare is your best option, the right exit team will talk to you about what to expect in terms of price and how long the sales process will take.

    They can help you post your timeshare and link you up with credible buyers that will help get you out of an undesirable financial situation or unload an obligation you no longer want to deal with.

    Good exit companies will keep you in control of the sale price and ultimately how much you accept when offers start coming in.

    Don’t cede control over your timeshare or the sales process to make sure you’re happy with the results in the end.

The Bottom Line

Getting out of a timeshare, whether you’ve recently made a financial decision you regret or want to offload an obligation you no longer need, can be a complicated process.

With an expert timeshare exit team, you’ll have a network of experts supporting you through the entire process.

They’ll meet with you to hear about your situation and gauge what the best strategy to pursue is. Finding your way out of a timeshare contract successfully can be extremely frustrating if you try to do it on your own.

The right company will take on the stress of dealing with your timeshare company and guide you through what moves to make.

 Make sure you do your research and find the best company possible. Try to find someone with experience dealing with your specific timeshare company.

They’ll likely know people inside the company and know what will most likely work.

The best timeshare exit companies are transparent in what they do and explain the reasoning behind what they suggest to clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about why you are being asked to do something or inquire about what they are doing on your behalf. Take control of the process.

The right service will make you feel like you are in control and working with them as a partner in pursuit of an ideal resolution.

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