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What Are Your Options For Getting Out Of A Timeshare

exit timeshare options

July 5, 2019 – by James Cox

exit timeshare options

You fell for it. You thought you were careful and you were confident that you made the right choice when you signed up for a timeshare. The first few years weren’t that bad. You got to go on vacation the weeks you bought, you enjoyed your time and had fun with your family. The problem is the last couple of years the costs have gone up and now your family is older and wants to try some new destinations for vacation. You were told this wouldn’t be an issue and you can easily sell your week to someone else. The problem is finding someone to buy that week and give you enough to at least cover your costs.

At this rate you wouldn’t mind just minimizing your loss so that you can enjoy a vacation somewhere else. Then comes additional issues that the timeshare company threw at you as far as who you are allowed to sell your week too, the paperwork involved and more. Suddenly, you do not have as much freedom as you originally through you did and you are having a hard time getting someone to take your week. It’s either that no one wants to go that particular week; they can get a better rate on a hotel or some other excuse that keeps you from finding someone.

Now your free and easy timeshare has become a headache and you want out. You cannot enjoy it and they just keep sending you bills. You are tired of this arrangement and you feel like they are almost punishing you for having been loyal for so many years. You want out and now you need to figure out how to move forward with that plan. Yes, you signed a contract but you know that there are always ways out. You contact the office directly and they string you along for weeks and months, giving you answers that are not helpful. You feel lost and not sure what to do.

Primo Management Group knows exactly what to do. We have battled resorts and timeshare companies throughout the world and know what is needed to ensure that you get out of this jam as quickly as possible. We will be very upfront with the fact that this process may take several months as you are trying to break a contract which is never an easy thing to do. However, our experts know exactly how to handle these companies and how to get you out of this situation.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn what your options are to get out of your timeshare.

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