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Timeshares In Hawaii

timeshares in hawaii

July 9, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

timeshares in hawaii

How does the eruption of the Kilauea volcano affect tourists and timeshares in Hawaii? Is renting a better option these days?

Clearly, Hawaii is a premier destination. With its sandy beaches, island hospitality and proximity to the US, over 8 million tourists visit annually. But the eruption of the Kilauea volcano may halt tourism. The eruption affects both tourists and owners of timeshares in Hawaii.

The 2018 Kilauea Eruption

The eruption began on May 3, 2018, with all of the impact you’d expect of an active volcano. It has continued to be very active ever since. Many people were evacuated from the immediate area early on. Surges in activity in early June have forced even more people to move. 

An estimated 2,500 people have been displaced by evacuations across the island since the eruption began five weeks ago, spouting fountains of lava and high concentrations of toxic sulfur dioxide gas through about two dozen volcanic fissures at the foot of the volcano.” Source: Reuters

You may have seen the destruction all over the internet and social media. The massive streams of lava seem to eat anything in their path. A quick search will bring up many photos and videos of the destruction. So far, Hawaii has lost 600 homes, a number that is expected to rise as the eruption continues.

This situation is constantly changing. See here for updates on the status of the volcano.

What This Means For Tourists

The tourism industry in Hawaii is understandably nervous. They have said that unless your travel plans include the Puna region, the eruption should have little impact on your visit. Even state Governor Ige sought to put the minds of tourists and timeshare owners alike at ease:

“Hawaii’s air quality is being closely monitored on a continuing basis by scientists, meteorologists and the Hawaii State Department of Health. . . There is no reason for travelers to avoid making their vacation plans in the Hawaiian Islands due to safety concerns because of [the] Kilauea volcano. Visitors will be welcomed with open arms and treated to the hospitality, aloha, warmth and natural beauty that is found everywhere in Hawaii. The only area to avoid is lower Puna where the eruption is ongoing.” (Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority).

However, despite these reassurances, Hawaiian tourism has seen a decline in the shadow of the volcano. According to USA Today, there are “reports of widespread cancellations, no doubt from people seeing those incredible images of a mountainside aglow with hot lava.” (Source: USA Today).

What This Means for Timeshare Owners

Whenever we see disruptions like this in high tourism markets, we think of timeshare owners. Timeshares in Hawaii number 11,233 timeshare units (and counting), according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) quarterly report. So that accounts for many of the tourists who would typically be visiting Hawaii now. If you own a timeshare in Hawaii and are reluctant to visit due to the volcanic eruption, you’ll need to make other arrangements.

Switching Your Week

Switching your week or renting out your timeshare are two possibilities. If you move your week, you won’t miss out on your vacation. However, you may have trouble reserving your ideal dates because of high occupancy rates.

As the HTA study notes, Hawaiian timeshares experience the typical high occupancy rates associated with island resorts. Timeshare properties in Hawaii averaged a 92% occupancy rate statewide for the first three months of 2018 compared with the 82% occupancy for hotels. These high rates come with a lack of flexibility, especially in a region with variables such as volcanic eruptions. Switching weeks becomes more challenging with these high rates.

Renting Your Timeshare

If you don’t want to cancel but don’t want to waste your fees for the year, renting out your timeshare is another option. Make sure to rent out your unit according to the details of your agreement.

What This Means For Renters

With the reduction in tourism, owners and timeshare owners are looking to fill vacancies. And that can mean good things for renters. Look for lower prices on accommodations and smaller crowds.

Timeshare rental sites can connect you with timeshare owners. Airbnb also offers a stunning array of properties.

Hawaiian Timeshare Law & You

Looking to get out of your Hawaii timeshare? You have options. Hawaii offers a rescission period of seven calendar days. The clock starts when you sign the contract or receive the timeshare disclosure statement. Hawaiian law requires you to send a cancellation letter to the address in your contract. For more information on Hawaiian timeshare law, click here.

If you’ve passed the rescission period, we can help. Contact us here or at (407) 627-1179. We’re happy to assist you in exiting your timeshare in Hawaii or anywhere else.



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Get A Free Consultation

Relieve Yourself of the Unwanted Timeshare Burden

Your information is 100% secure and encrypted. We will never sell or share your information with anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

How does PMG get me out of my timeshare contract?

PMG is not a resale, transfer, or donation company. We are consumer advocates—we help to negotiate the release of your timeshare contract obligation. We do not buy, sell, or rent your timeshare. Simply put, we help you to get out of your timeshare contract forever.

How long does the process usually take?

Usually less than 12 months, but it all depends on your situation. Let us help you. Speak to your advisor about the time, and what delays the resorts have put into place to prevent timeshare owners from departing their ownership. If you have a mortgage or past due maintenance fee, the process takes more time.

How much is my timeshare worth?

This is probably going to hurt, but whether you paid $5,000 or $50,000 for your timeshare, the IRS values all timeshares as worthless investments. In addition, that timeshare would have negative value due to the annual maintenance fee bill which compounds year after year. That is until PMG helps you cancel your timeshare.

Can I use your service if I still have a balance owed on my mortgage?

Yes. Whether you bought your timeshare 20 days ago or 20 years ago, PMG has a solution for you and is here to help.

Will my name be off the timeshare?

Yes! Permanently! GUARANTEED!

In addition to getting me out of my timeshare, can you recover the money I’ve already spent on mortgage payments and maintenance fees?

While we are able to recover money in rare cases, beware of any timeshare cancellation company that entices you with the promise of fund recovery. The truth is, the resorts are loath to give back the money they’ve already taken for timeshares.

Are your consumer advocates really “consumer advocates”, or is that just a fancy word for salesperson?

Because most of our clients have had their trust betrayed by timeshare salespeople, we understand how some consumers can become a bit jaded. When you call us for a consultation, that’s exactly what you get, a consultation. At PMG, our job is not to sell you; our job is to help you get out of your timeshare. Which is why we have numerous 5-star reviews and an “A” (excellent) rating from the BCA.

Why should I choose PMG to get me out of my timeshare?

We go above and beyond for our customers by helping to protect you, and have the best success rate in the industry, rated 5-stars by clients. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best customer service in the industry. When you contact our company, you speak to a live person, not an automated system or voicemail. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, and we can provide documented proof of our success in helping customers just like you.

What happens after I sign up with you? Will I be apprised of your progress?

At PMG, we pride ourselves on our hands-on, boutique-style customer service, so every new client will work with our expert, experienced team whose job is to keep you in the loop throughout the entire cancellation process. We are always just a phone call away.

How much is your fee?

Not all timeshare experiences are created equal. Some are more complicated than others, and every situation is different. That’s why our trained timeshare elimination consultants will ask you a series of questions designed to determine exactly what needs to be done to terminate your timeshare, how long it will take, and how they can best advocate for you. We will always seek the most cost-effective route for you.

What if I still have more questions?

Canceling a timeshare contract is not a cookie cutter process. With each situation being unique, once you complete the form below an experienced consumer advocate will call you today to discuss your options.