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Timeshares Are Forever

February 22, 2017 – by Primo Management Group

On Sept. 28, U.S. District Judge Sam E. Haddon, for the District of Montana, permanently enjoined Montana-based Attorney James Tarpey, two of his companies: Project Philanthropy, Inc., dba Donate for a Cause, and Timeshare Closings, Inc., dba Resort Closings, Inc., Suzanne Crowson, Ron Broyles and Curt Thor from promoting what the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) referred to as an abusive timeshare donation scheme.

The timeshare donation scheme was aggressively marketed via the Internet and through national and local media outlets, including Fox News in Phoenix and the TODAY Show.

In November 2015, the DOJ filed a complaint which laid out the defendants’ “elaborate – and bogus – tax scheme” organized, operated and promoted to encourage timeshare owners to donate their unwanted timeshares to Donate for a Cause, a tax-exempt entity set up and run by Tarpey.

Timeshare owners paid significant processing fees to Tarpey’s for-profit closing company, Resort Closings, Inc., for the transfer of the timeshares.

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