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5 Signs A Timeshare Company Is Not The Right One For You

understanding timeshare tricks to look out for

November 7, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

understanding timeshare tricks to look out for

You’ve been contacted by timeshare companies who want you to sign up, but you aren’t sure whether or not it’s a good idea. Yes, you know that some of those resorts are quality, but you are not sure which ones you can go with and which ones you should stay away from. As you look for information on making the right decision, these tips will help you identify the companies that you can work with.

Aggressive sales tactics: Companies that run a clean and respectable resort do not need to use aggressive tactics in order to get your business. They do not make calls, people call them. Remember that when you are trying to make a decision.

Short period of time to review the agreement: Are you allowed to consult with legal counsel on the agreement you are about to sign, your legal counsel? Or are they trying to make you sign it right then and there?

Little information about the company: When you research the company are you able to find a lot of information about them, their history, what people have to say about them and where they have resorts in the country? If not, it could mean that they are a fly-by-night business and not one you should work with.

Confusing agreements: Whenever you read through the agreement is everything straight-forward or do you have a headache trying to understand all the language?

Non-specific on when you can use the property: Are they vague about when you actually will be able to get the property? You know when you typically want to take vacation or have the available time to do so. If you have a set date in mind are you able to lock in that time?

While it’s never a good idea to make any decisions like this on a whim, how much pressure you experience from the timeshare company will tell you all you need to know about whether or not they are the team to go with. Keep that in mind as you field different offers and make a decision.


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