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Lighten Up: Our Best Packing Tips

Lighten up: packing tips

August 31, 2018 – by Primo Management Group

Lighten up: packing tips

Don’t fall victim to heavy, cumbersome luggage! Lighten up instead with these packing tips so you can focus on the trip.

Most of us have experienced lugging our heavy suitcase in and out of the truck and through airports. Travel is stressful enough without that self-imposed hassle. Wherever you’re going, whatever your bag, these packing tips can help you fit just what you need just where you need it.

Make a List

Master packers start with a well-made list. Consider what you’ll be doing each day of your trip. Then figure out the most efficient items to take. And when you are putting items in the bag, follow that list! Seriously. Don’t be tempted by extra items you might need “just in case.” Unless you’re headed for the outback, you can probably buy any emergency items on the road. We also recommend saving that list and reviewing it after your trip. Note any unused items or anything you wished you’d brought. And then save that list for future reference.

Focus on Top

With space at a premium, you can only take so many clothes. Since most of us are more likely to wear bottoms more than once, pack two tops/shirts for every bottom. You’ll save room in your bag and make the most of every piece of clothing. A new top/shirt equals a new outfit!

Keep It Rolling

Forget stacking your clothes! The cool kids roll it up to save space. Rolled clothes can fit into all the nooks and crannies of any luggage. You can tuck them into the uneven back of your rolling suitcase or the various pockets of a backpack. Plus, rolled clothes are easier to move around and find when you’re looking for a particular top/bottom/undies, etc. because nothing is trapped at the bottom of that stack.

Balance Your Bag

Although we want to pack lots of tops, we don’t want everything on top. That makes your bag tough to maneuver through airports and ports of call. Instead, pack the heavy stuff by the wheels of your bag. Not only will it roll easier, it won’t be as prone to tipping over when you stop for souvenirs.

Stay Organized

Whether it’s finding your ID at TSA or the right socks in the hotel, an organized bag makes searching easier. The last thing you want to do is unpack your entire bag to find your earbuds. One of our best packing tips is to use packing cubes or other similar organizational products to stay organized. Also, take time when you’re packing so you know where things are rather than throwing everything in at the last minute.

Learn From The Experts

Packing can be a challenge. Luckily, humans have been traveling pretty much since day one. That’s a long time to perfect the art of packing. Check out these packing tips and hacks to help you pack wisely. And these other travel tips here and here. What are your favorite tips? Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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