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Saving On Holiday Travel Plans

traveling on a budget during the holidays

October 25, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

traveling on a budget during the holidays

The holidays are an expensive time. Let’s be honest, our biggest concerns going into them usually have something to do with expenses. It’s a combination of the cost of travel, buying things for yourself, buying things for your family and also having to pay for all that amazing food. For some people, this concern is bigger than others. However, regardless of your current financial situation, there are always things you can do that will help you to save time and money when we enter the holiday season. These tips will help you to do that and make things a bit easier on you as well.

Travel apps: Download these right now. These apps are amazing in helping you find the best deals on flights and hotels. They provide you with detailed information and allow you to book right from your phone.

Reward points: Restaurants, hotels, certain attractions and stores you may buy from usually offer some sort of rewards program or discount if you are a member. Some retail stores have their own credit cards as well. While you do not want 10 credit cards, it’s not a bad idea to have a few through stores you frequently shop with. They usually provide members discounts, higher cash-back options for in-store purchases or other benefits that you can take advantage of.  

Look for deals on things you need: What do you need to buy during this holiday season, especially when you are traveling? If you are flying in somewhere for Christmas and you need to buy gifts for the family, try to find stores in the area or look online for deals on things that can be delivered right to their home. This helps you to save time and also not have to worry about traveling with the items.

Find grocery stores: Grocery stores are your best friend because they can literally save you over $100 each meal. Let’s say you get into town on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and you are staying at a hotel. You left early so that you could get a cheaper flight but now you have to get breakfast and lunch for your family on Tuesday and Wednesday while your family is at work. A trip to the grocery store will not only cover those meals but help you to save big.

We do not want to worry about our expenses during the holiday season but that doesn’t mean we can ignore them. It doesn’t matter what your current financial situation is, if you can enjoy your trip and save an extra $500 or more isn’t it worth doing it?


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