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How To Exit A Timeshare

timeshare exit strategy

August 16, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

timeshare exit strategy

It’s not easy to figure out how to exit a timeshare. One of the reasons it’s so difficult is because you have to understand the challenges that come with this type of task. For example, you sign in agreement that says you will pay a certain amount along with any additional fees for a predetermined amount of years before you can get out of the agreement. Obviously, getting out of a timeshare agreement is your main priority right now because of the amount of money you can save as well as the amount of frustration it will remove from your life. While this is something we can assist you with, it’s important to understand that you still are going to need to be patient with the process.

Remember, the companies that are behind these timeshares didn’t just put together a couple of agreements randomly. They spent countless hours with their legal team to create ironclad documents that minimize your ability to get out of the agreement. Can we get you out of your deal? Unfortunately, that’s not something we can answer right now. Why is that? Because every resort is different, and one organization with timeshares in Orlando may be completely different then a resort that has property in Las Vegas. The laws of each state are also different and that has to be taken into consideration as well.

What we can do for you right now is give you a realistic idea of the time, energy and money it is going to take to get you out of this agreement. Even with the very best help from us, getting out of a timeshare is not something that can be done within a few days. It is something that could take weeks or even months depending on multiple challenges that this situation may have. Examples of challenges we may face include if you have a mortgage on the property and if you are behind on fees. This is why we need to talk to you one on one to better understand your situation and to provide you with an accurate strategy and realistic expectations on how to exit a timeshare.

We understand your frustration and the fact that you want to get out of this agreement as quickly as possible. You have to understand that we are going to do everything by the book to give you the best opportunity of getting out of this deal. We do not promise anything that we cannot deliver. There is no do-it-yourself trick to this, or anything else that is going to get you out of this situation faster. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination on our part and we are willing to put in the time for you.

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