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Timeshare Sales Tactics To Look For In 2020

tricks timeshares will use on you now

October 28, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

tricks timeshares will use on you now

Timeshares are going to be on the hunt for your business in 2020. Why? Because people are traveling more than ever and they like going to the same place over and over if they think they are getting a good deal. Companies are dedicated to keeping their employees so rather than giving them major bonuses or raises, they keep the pay increases at a minimal and offer more vacation time. Why? Because if someone is out for a week, it doesn’t cost the company as much to have the other employees cover for them, especially when compared to giving someone a raise or large bonus.

More vacation time gives timeshares an advantage because they can appeal to you about the freedom of knowing where you are going to enjoy your vacation every year. Rather than having to worry about travel accommodations, you can rest easy knowing that for one weekend or week every February or April or some other month of the year, you will be in one of your favorite destinations, enjoying things you and your family always enjoy. How easy of a sale is that? The best example is Orlando. People are going to travel to Orlando for their own reasons every year and they will spend time with their family. There is so much to do in this city that you can literally spend a week there and still do a small fraction of what’s available.

So, how do they plan to pull you in? Offering free weekends, free tickets to those attractions you love so much or something else that will make a big difference in getting you to say yes. All you have to do is say yes and you can enjoy a free weekend in one of your favorite travel destinations. What is wrong with that? That’s how they hook you in and utilize your time and interest to get you to sign up.

Keep in mind, their goal isn’t to sell you anymore. They want you happy so that you literally beg for the opportunity to keep coming back year after year and that’s how they are going to hook you in. Their goal is to make you happy, that’s all. If you are wondering what major sales tactics these timeshare companies are going to use in 2020, you can bet these will be some of them. Don’t give into the new strategies that others will fall for, especially just because you had a great weekend and want to experience it over and over again.


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