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Air BnB Vs Hotel

December 30, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Love to travel but love to save even more? You’ve probably heard people talking about air bnb’s and you have been considering them. It’s a unique idea. Rather than pay for a hotel you simply are renting out someone’s spare bedroom for a night or two. Why is this a good idea? First, it’s going to be cheaper than a hotel. Also, if your plan is to be out and about all day and most of the night, you are really just paying for a place to keep your stuff, shower, watch tv for an hour and then sleep.

For those on a budget, air bnb’s seem like the solid choice. However, you need to also be aware of the not so great aspects of it. Let’s start with the service and the quality of the room. You really don’t know. This is not a hotel with thousands of reviews. This is someone’s home and how you are treated and the accommodations they offer are really up in the air.

There are sites that not only allow you to book your room but to also get information on room and owners. Try to find rooms with the most reviews, even if the rating is a little lower than you would want. That’s because those Republicans ratings are probably more accurate than the ones with fewer than 10 reviews in them. You also want to keep an eye out for homes with extra accommodations. For example, if you are driving rather than flying you want to make sure that the place you select has plenty of parking.

Hotels have gotten a bit pricier, especially in popular tourism areas. One way to tackle that issue is to make sure that you are using apps that list multiple locations available. Hotels know they are going up against the competition on these sites so they keep their prices as low as possible on them.

Also, sign up for rewards points whenever you get a chance because they do add up and even though the hotels you are staying at may have different names, they could be part of a large family party that allows you to share points and save.

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