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Exit Timeshare

How To Stop Timeshare

August 13, 2019 – by James Cox

How To Stop Timeshare

There’s a good chance that if you need to know how to exit timeshare, you are not happy with your current deal. How did you fall for this? Can you even get out? How much longer will you have to put up with this deal? What is it going to cost you if you are stuck another two or three years or longer? These are the questions people ask themselves when they realize that the awesome deal, they were given really wasn’t that awesome. There were hidden fees, added costs, conditions for using or selling the time on the property and more.  

People fall for these deals because there are actually a lot of resorts that are legit and provide reasonable offers for nice properties. These companies are upfront about the actual cost of owning the property, conditions of use or selling your availability and everything else you need to make an informed decision. The people who buy these properties are happy with their decision and do not need to find out how to exit a timeshare. Unfortunately, you did not find one of these companies, you found a scam resort that is trying to keep you hooked on a bad deal for as long as possible to maximize their profits. This is not the type of company you want to work with, and you need an experienced team to help you combat this agreement and get free of it.

What are some of the things you should expect when you are trying to find out how to exit timeshare? A great place to start is with the timeframe it will take. Most cases that do not have a mortgage involved will take between three to nine months. If there is a mortgage involved, or if there are maintenance fees that haven’t been paid, then the time to process the cancellation and get you out of the deal may be extended. Because each resort is a little different, each case needs to be handled differently. You will get a better idea of how long it will take during your free consultation, once a representative is able to identify what’s needed to get you out of this agreement.

Also remember, that because you are breaking out of this agreement, it can impact your credit score and the chances of getting a refund are slim. However, our team does offer information about repairing your score and even though you may not be getting a refund, you will be saving thousands of dollars over the next several years. This is why it’s good to contact Primo Management Group as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to get out of this deal and start saving as quickly as possible. Regardless of how you were tricked into this deal, our goal is to help you find how to exit timeshare. As you look for options to get out of this situation, remember, our team is not only experienced, but we have dealt with must timeshare companies around the country and know how to handle them. Their agreements are designed to keep you in your commitment but there are ways out. Let us help you find the freedom you’ve been looking for and get you out of your timeshare deal. If you are ready to find an exit plan, contact us today and speak with an experienced representative for information, expectations, cost, time needed and more. This isn’t something that can be done overnight. However, with the right team, you can finally get away from this deal and start saving thousands of dollars a year.

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